Purchase and Sells Second Hand with MResell from Applesfera Apple

As fond of the Apple world, know that the second hand market the company’s product it is always in constant motion. Perhaps once you’ve sold something second-hand to afford you a new version, or you have decided to purchase someone a device already in use at good price. You also know that do so with confidence is essential in this matter, so in Applesfera, today we bring you a novelty that we think it may be very interesting for all.

We integrate with mResell, a Spanish company specialized in buying and selling second-hand Apple products secure, fast, and easy, way vs. typical platforms of online ads. Your system provides an easy way to sell any Apple product: you enter your serial number, the system processes it and offer us a price. If we accept it, a Messenger will pick you up, will be certified by the authorized Apple CJ Services service and proceed to the payment to the seller. In addition, products are certified against fraud or theft because mResell collaborates with the police.

Do you want to buy any Apple product second hand? Since MacBook Air or Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, or Mac mini to iPhone or iPad. Here you will find them cheaper than a official price, and most importantly, all reviewed and certified, even internally (reviewed also the defects that are unseen to the naked eye), to ensure that the buyer receives your purchase in perfect condition. In addition, even offered 14 calendar days to test equipment and there are no surprises.

Any questions, queries or complaints can resolve it directly with the team mRsell, by Applesfera only give visibility to this service that we hope you can be very useful. It is a very convenient way of giving a second life to our devices that do not already use and have access more cheap and simple for those who already do not find. We hope that you find it interesting!