Radar-Gesture Project Can Change the Interaction with Technology

Google’s Project Solos is to build a small radar-module that can capture movement and transform them into instructions.

Under the name Project Solos has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with not just wearable, but various small electronics.

In a quite exciting presentation of the project, shows Google’s technical manager of ATAP (Advanced Technologies and Project Division) Ivan Poupyrev in the video below how he manages, in this case a smartwatch by help of the radar based gesture-solution they have been working on since June last year.
In the introduction to Project Solos, the objective tells Google quite simply is to make a very small radar module which can be integrated into, for example, smartwatches so we can control the clock with movements without having to suck up around on the small screen and the gang over to write wrong again and again.

The first ideoe is from Google I/O and shows how he interacts with the clock without touching it, as well as how various aspects can be managed separately by adjusting the distance to the Agency. According to Poupyrev is API Project Solos ready already later this year, which could mean that the next generation of smartwatches can support this kind of radar based gesture control.

The last video is released by Google itself in an attempt to give a brief introduction to the project, and also shows a number of possible applications.