Rumor: BlackBerry Thunder, Touchscreen

Nearby is the announcement of the Blackberry Bold, the most complete phone (GPS, + 3G, WiFi) Canadian Research In Motion, but if someone was wanting more Blackberry, we inform you that it circulates a rumor by the network of possible possible BlackBerry touch screen. The name used to refer to it is BlackBerry Thunder.

BlackBerry Thunder, also known as BlackBerry 9500, it has no physical keyboard, and only has four keys: send, end, menu, and back. Remember that it is not the first time that there is talk about a BlackBerry product and touch screens.

With respect to the specifications, it is unclear the type of touch screen to be used, but it predicts that it will be ready to operate on EV-do, HSPA, GSM, and CDMA, networks according to the news of The Boy Genius Report, from the website also says that the output of this promising BlackBerry could be close to the third quarter of this year.

According to The Boy Genius Report, real specialists in presenting information and rumors about BlackBerry, ending materializandose, version HSDPA terminal will be exclusive of Vodafone in Europe at the time of its launch, will be Verizon responsible for distribution in the USA.

That’s all for now, obviously, the information is subject to be proven by any official statement, but I give importance to the source, because in recent months it has not failed any, they were right with the Kickstart, and they did the same with the Bold.

This future terminal could be the most interesting of the new family BlackBerry, although getting enough out of the idea that we are accustomed to having products of the Canadian company, perhaps be a matter of making us to the idea, that if the company wants to grow is not another that seek new markets.

Comment that the image that accompanies the publication is a mounting for a simple idea of the type of terminal which may be this BlackBerry.