Score! Hero: The Free to Play More Football Comes to Android with Its Fun Proposal

Can I have a free to play football? Sounds difficult since the time of matches does not conform well to this way of making games but yes, First Touch Games has succeeded and today its latest creation has come to Android: Score! Hero. A game may not know but that you’ll want to try.

Its premise is simple: take the most fun soccer (the goals and the spectacular plays) to bring us small tests where we score goal and complete more complicated moves. It sounds easy but you move you are going to have to sweat drop fat to overcome many levels.

Reviving goals and putting the best soccer at the service of the free to play

Each level of Score! Hero will put us in a different scenario: the move of a Decider or the replica of a famous goal that has already gone down in history. They are not complete parties and we will not have control of the players. They will move alone and our goal will be to hook passes and shots at door.

When the player has the ball at the feet we have a short time to draw a line on the screen to direct the path of the pass or shot you are going to make. I insist, it may seem easy but in harder levels the level of accuracy is high.

In addition to invented moves, the game also makes several homages to famous goals from different leagues around the world. If you are football fans, you probably admonish them first but if you not follow the sport closely it doesn’t matter because you will also enjoy its most spectacular side.

Each certain levels can go was by different clubs and end up coming to an elite. Templates are real, and always start with a modest (in my case the first choice was the Getafe) but gradually go up and arousing the interest of big clubs.

Visually the game is attractive. You don’t have the best animations but it touches a high level to be a title that works on most phones. Do not expect a FIFA nor but sure I like the graphics.

As in all the free to play not need to pay to download it, but every time you fail a test, we will spend a life. We can wait for it to recharge automatically or you pay if we have something in a hurry. Not much strength to pay but high levels are becoming very difficult.

Score! Hero Games Sports

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: First Touch Games
  • Download: Google Play