See the Comparison Between the Best Intelligent Watches

They are becoming more popular and the interest of the smartwatches has been growing among Brazilians. The options on the market are many. In this Digital laboratory, we have two categories-mainly because of the price. On the other hand, the expensive and isolated Apple Watch (Moreover, for this reason we prefer not to compare it to the other models, but we leave here a complete review of the Apple smartwatch); On the other side, yes: We invite the main brands and we compared the Watch urbane, from LG; Moto 360, Motorola; And Samsung’s brand-new Gear S2-the latter, with prediction of arrival in the country very soon.


The first impression, out of the box, on the wrist, counts a lot-it’s a matter of taste. The three models are very different. The LG Urbane has more classic design-it’s the most reminiscent of a common analog clock. It’s got a metal box, a leather bracelet and a single side button. It’s a good match with a suit and a tie in the day to day. The Motorcycle 360 is a very minimalist black round box-few details, few clippings.

The watch is also made in metal with leather bracelet. Your style is more casual, but the finishing is also first-line. It’s the one that drew attention. In our opinion, the most elegant and discreet of the three. The watch is made of stainless steel and the bracelet is silicone. The style is more casual, but also combines with sports… seems the most versatile of the three. In this first aspect, as a taste is not discussed, we prefer not to assign a winner. You choose what you like most.


Here the differences begin to appear. From the bottom up, the Motorola has 1.56 inch LCD screen and resolution of 320 by 290 pixels. An interesting number of looking here is the pixel density. The Moto 360 has 205 pixels per square inch, which results in an intermediate definition even on such a small screen.

Then with the screen a little bit smaller, the LG brings OLED display of 1.3 inch with IPS technology. The resolution and pixel density is greater than its first competitor. Side by side, it is easy to compare the largest definition and contrast offered by OLED. The Samsung Gear S2 is the one that has the smallest screen of the three: 1.2 inch.

However, the Super Amoled screen of the Korean brand, with definition of 360 by 360 pixels and the highest density of pixels, surpasses its rivals easily in this aspect. It’s worth an addendum: despite having and smallest definition, the Motorola watch is the only one with the risk-proof Gorilla Glass screen.


As much as the smartwatches are practically an extension of your smartphone, the computational power of these intelligent watches makes them faster and allows the use of more complex applications. The Moto 360 has inside a TI OMAP 3 processor; 4 gigabytes of internal storage and 512 megabytes of RAM memory.

Moreover, the three models tested in this laboratory have the same 4 gig of storage and 512 Mega RAM. That’s not where they differentiate. The S2 Gear processor is a two-core Exynos and 1 gigahertz speed. At the top of the specs is the LG Watch Urbane, which has in its heart the 4 core Snapdragon processor 400 and clock and 1.2 gigahertz.

In the numbers, the LG is right ahead, but in the usage experience, the two Korean models have fitted. We use different applications in both watches, experiments the rapid exchange between apps and access to notifications. It’s hard to notice any difference. Already the Moto 360 is little thing slower-but nothing that fruste the user; Far from it. Therefore, in the performance aspect, the fairest is to decree a tie between LG and Samsung.

Operating system

Among the three models, the only different one here is Gear S2, which runs the Tizen-proprietary operating system of Samsung. Despite having “face” of Android and even similar performance to the Google system, the negative detail is on account of applications. The Korean manufacturer says that soon you will have more than 1,000 apps available on the Gear Store. Already the Moto 360 and the Watch urbane, from LG, rotate the Android Wear 3.0 system. The number of applications is immense. The usage is quite intuitive and perhaps the visual is still a little behind what is featured in the S2 Gear.

Anyway, operating system is also the user’s taste–each adapts to what they like most. The important thing here is that they all combine with their technical specifications and rotate fluidly and without any locking.

Connectivity and sensors

The three models, LG, Motorola and Samsung, have Bluetooth 4.0 and microphone for voice commands. Moto 360 and Gear S2 also have Wi-Fi connection. Already sound playback, only on the LG Watch urbane and in Gear S2; In fact, to complete the connectivity package, only the Samsung model brings the NFC proximity connection, thus being the most complete of the three.

Already talking on sensors, they all bring heart monitor and step counter as well. The LG and Samsung still have accelerometer and gyro. The Watch urbane is the only possible to use with the IPhone-curious detail.


All smartwatch have the same basic functions: monitor health, change the watch interface and watch and reply messages without having to take your cellphone out of your pocket. As we said in the connectivity part, the three models bring the command capability by voice; Interesting is also the control mode of the LG Watch urbane and Samsung Gear S2. With them it is possible to make a call, control the music player from the cellular, respond notifications. In S2 there is the function to find your smartphone. Already on LG it is possible to command the smartphone camera through the clock at a distance.

In this respect, as everyone fulfills their role-of course, if you are with the smartphone nearby, after all the independent watches are still totally dependent on the cellular-a great technical draw between the three competitors. Fair!


If the battery life is still the Achilles heel on smartphones, this aspect is extremely important in smart watches. Nothing more pointless than the clock battery is dead in the daytime, telling the truth. Despite the capacity difference, the batteries of the Motorola and LG dura, on average, one day of normal use-the minimum expected.

The highlight, once again, is with Gear S2, which promises between two and three days of battery life depending on the intensity of use. Although the capability resembles the three models, Samsung, with the lightness of its operating system, is the one that has come to a better energy efficiency. Important point.


Time to move in your pockets. But the price can be decisive in the time to buy a smartwatch. How much you’re willing to spend. The cheapest model of the three is Moto 360; With suggested price of 1100 reais. In the middle of the field, the LG Watch urbane costs 1600 real. The most expensive, perhaps also for being the newest, is Samsung’s Gear S2. Although it is not available immediately for sale, the brand has informed us that it will reach the shelves with prices from 1900 reais.


A somewhat difficult conclusion. A rapid analysis shows that the price evolves proportionately to the quality and functionalities available on the clock. But if we have to choose, come on: Third, the motorcycle 360 is the simplest of this Digital laboratory. The screen with lower resolution and the lowest performance, despite being the cheapest, leaves the Motorola smartwatch behind the competition. On the other hand, if the idea is to enter this world of smart watches, it is a good option for those who do not want to spend so much.

The LG Watch Urbane, for 1600 real-500 to more than the motorcycle 360, took second place. It is actually the most intermediate model possible–it does not stand out, but it also does not leave to desire in any aspect.

Now the great champion of this laboratory–that should get to the shops very soon–is the brand new Samsung Gear S2. The use of the Watch through the outer crown is a detail to the part that is worth a few points in that comparison. In addition to being the most elegant, the Tizen operating system is fairly lightweight, which results in a great performance and superior to the other two models tested. The high-duration battery is also featured. Despite the highest price, there’s no way to choose another winner.