Spectacles: Snapchat Presents Sunglasses with Built-in Camera

For months, rumors of an in-house Snapchat Bluetooth hardware are circulating. Now there is the confirmation: the Messenger has announced the smart sunglasses, spectacles, with integrated camera for this fall. The company has renamed itself within the framework of its realignment in snap Inc.: according to Snapchat-CEO and co-founder Evan mirror wants to the company will offer more than only their flagship Messenger app.
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The smart Snapchat glasses

Absorbs the sunglasses, which will cost around $ 130, a simple button on the frame 10-second video clips, users on Snapchat post. By pressing you can extend the recording time to no more than 30 seconds. The film snippets are transmitted over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to your Smartphone and stored in the Snapchat app under Snapchat memories. From there, users can online clips make.

Videos in round Wide Format

The gadget has two cameras integrated in the spectacle frames with a wide angle of 115 degrees, which corresponds to the natural field of vision of a man loud snap head mirror. To enhance the effect, the cameras capture videos in a round format. The battery of the smart glasses to keep around a day. The supplied case has a built-in battery charger, so on the road never assumes the current users.

From autumn 2016 as a limited edition

Snap will deliver his wearable autumn 2016 initially only in small amounts. Google’s camera glasses glass was advised at the time due to concerns about privacy in the criticism the spectacles therefore has several flashy leds that display her light up when a recording is running. Snaps goggles should come in three colors on the market as unit size and cost around $ 130.

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