Symbian ^ 3 Will Continue to Evolve and Will New Terminals, Said The Vice to Developers

Known the timing of the transition from Nokia to Windows Phone 7, the developers of Symbian ^ 3 It took not to express their skepticism about follow programming for the platform, as it is logical. Today Nokia has finally cleared the doubts in an open letter from Vice-President Purnima Kochikar, that has led developers to discuss the company’s future plan for Symbian.

Although Windows Phone happens to be the main platform for Nokia, Symbian ^ 3 will continue to live and to be updated. And what is most interesting: will continue launching new terminals with this OS, to further improve on hardware (their CPUs exceed the gigahertz border and will have more powerful GPUs).

New interface and better user experience, this summer

We know that Symbian Aquiles heel front like iOS systems is their interface and user experience, but Kochikar has announced a series of upgrades that will substantially improve these points. The first major update will arrive this summer, bringing with it a new display home, versatile widgets, new icons (who can see in the image, we assume), a faster browser, a new navigation bar and a fresher look for the Ovi Store and Ovi Maps, as well as new social services for the latter.

And until when it will Nokia support for Symbian? We do not know, but certainly in this graphic that showed us a few months ago it seemed much less than as paints it with the Vice President in the open letter.