Tested: Moto Snap Digital TV, and Power Pack Motorola

Perhaps due to the public seeking this type of functionality, it is easier to find the feature of digital TV on a mobile phone more popular or median price than a top of the line and even if you argue that you prefer watching cable TV or by streaming always have that moment when you’re out of the house and you have the desire or need to watch a news program and until some event a must-see live, like a football game, for example.

Motorola, taking advantage of the ease of the Snaps – modules that can be attached to the smartphones of the line Bike Z – launched a gadget which dual functionality can appeal to many owners of this device: in addition to acting as a power pack (2800 mAh) it tunes in to digital TV, making use of the same software that the brand name already use on their phones that already have this functionality built-in.

Tested Moto Snap Digital TV, and Power Pack Motorola 1

The accessory, in spite of uniting the two functions, it is not very bulky, and even leaving the apparatus the most heavy and thick when bound to it, it just guaranteed a footprint better, much on account of its texture that makes it more difficult for it to slip from the hands. Another nice thing is that it does not block the camera, allowing photos and videos to be made.

The tab of metal on the back opens to support the screen and leave it in a comfortable position for viewing in the table, in addition to serving as an antenna, which can disrupt a little bit the pickup if it is closed and your hands block the signal, though my testing in the two positions have not shown large differences in funding.

Tested Moto Snap Digital TV, and Power Pack Motorola 2

For the Bike Snap Digital TV to work it is necessary to download the app for this purpose, then just open the app and make the settings of the channels, for this it is necessary that you are connected to the internet, then you can watch the channels normally without the need to spend their packet data or have an available Wi-Fi network.

The quality of the image will depend on the range of the signal, here in our office some channels were perfect, while others had bad picture or simply not connected, but the times just to change position and the pickup switches, something common on digital TVs in this type of device. A good balcony is the ability to play the programming in low quality (so-called One-Seg) if the signal is weak.

Tested Moto Snap Digital TV, and Power Pack Motorola 3

Another interesting feature that comes with the device is the ability to record the programming files of 320 x 240 px (One-Seg), or 1920 x 1080 px (Full-Seg). Also much help in the programming guide that allows you to schedule recording or playback.

In summary the Bike Snap Digital TV is a good additive for those who, like me, has a Moto Z (it works in any version of the smartphone) and for some reason saw the need arise to watch TV in any place that you are. I believe that people who love football, the news, or want a quick-fix in the car to entertain may find the gadget incredibly useful, even more so to charge a battery of 2,800 mAh. In travel, the snap can also be very useful, pity it is not possible to use it in conjunction with the snap of the projector, it would be one hand on the wheel.

You can buy the Bike Snap TV Digital Powerpack here, at R$449,00.