Tested: New Ford Fusion 2.5 Flex

It is one thing to talk about the test done with an ointment for the hair, another thing is to give opinion about a bolide ultra technological 92.990 real, but I think I can do the job, mainly by having loved the experience with the new Ford Fusion 2.5 Flex in Florianópolis, where I along with other bloggers from different areas, from technology to food, through fashion, pop culture and, of course, motoring.

Tested New Ford Fusion 2.5 Flex


As a graphic designer I give a lot of value in the form of a product and I believe that, even unconsciously, other people also do so, because there’s nothing better than to unite functionality and beauty, something that always caught my attention in the old Fusion, but here the Ford overcame, bringing a drawing vigorous, with flowing lines and striking that relate to sportsmanship. The front grille is one of the great decoys, remembering cars, powerful and sophisticated as the Aston Martin, showing the new identity of Ford.


Some features: connectivity system SYNC with the screen 8 inch, GPS navigation system with maps of Brazil, Bluetooth phone connection, USB inputs, input for memory card input for audio and RCA video, voice commands in Portuguese to audio functions, air conditioning, browser , phone, system, MyFord Touch with two LCD screens on each side of the speedometer that can be configured by the driver, the driver’s seat with electric adjustment and 10 positions with 3 memories, including mirrors, direction with height adjustment and a depth,air conditioning with digital controls individual driver and passenger air vents rear for the occupants of the back seat, the numeric keypad embedded in the column of the driver for opening the car without the key.

The most pleased: the recognition of the voice commands work properly, it is a bit bureaucratic, but no less desirable, the buttons touch on the door of the driver are extremely discrete, very different from the one keyboard of an atm that had been in older cars, I loved the solution that was adopted. In the panel the two LCD screens next to the speedometer has an interface design app, what makes them fit in it, looking like they are one element, one detail that gave a special charm and surprised me.

The internal space

Some features: special leather on the seats, handle the exchange and steering wheel, quality materials and pleasant to the touch, spaces for holding various objects, details in metal, center console bold lines, the console on the ceiling with door glasses and courtesy lights and reading, adjustable headrest on all seats, rear seat backrest split (60/40) with central armrest, with 3 points of strength 12 V for electronic devices, among others.

The most pleased: the material of the inner lining has a visual cohesive, nothing of leather mixed with patterned fabric or something of the sort, the port objects are plentiful and are in places of easy access, the center console is large and sporty, but not me it seemed exaggerated, as occurs in some cases and the points of strength are more than welcome in a world where everyone carries his gadgets around.

On the outside

Features: sports lines and aerodynamic, but that keeps the class, the wheelbase of 2,850 mm, length of 4.871, the trunk with a capacity of 514 liters, advanced system of production enabled the creation of a body ultrarrígida.

What most pleased him; the powerful design and classudo that attracted looks for all the places we went and the harmony of the lines with the grille, the headlights and lanterns, showing you a project that is well thought out and current.

Engine and Performance

Features: engine Duratec 2.5 aluminum, bi-fuel, especially developed for Brazil, command the variable opening valve, oxygen sensor linear that recognizes the mixture of fuel in the tank, automatic transmission sequential six-speed gearbox, front grille that closes at a particular speed to increase the aerodynamics of the car, the transmission with the button on the handle that allows manual exchanges.

The most liked: quiet engine, a detail that I always achievement, but I confess that I am not as demanding in terms of power, for I am not forcing my car, can I still say that, despite the quiet ride, the engine seemed to respond well when it was needed.

Other features:

Eight airbags, the side has a sensor that regulates the air from the pouches according to the size of the passenger, antilock Brakes (ABS), assistant starting ramp, reverse camera and rear sensor, lights with timer go off some time after the closing of the doors, 8 speakers, driver’s seat and the passenger heating system, key-MyKey that limits the speed and triggers a series of alerts when the car is used by another driver, headlights with automatic firing, rain sensor, flashlights and LED headlamps fog front.


All that was shown until now is part of the model 2.5 Flex to the value of R$92.990,00, which is not little money, but still cheaper than all competitors in its category and with a variety of features the more. Paying R$4.000, 00 you take the single optional this model: the sun roof.

The Ford Fusion 2.5 Flex is available in the colors perolizadas white Siberian, black Bristol, grey Berlin, Bordeaux Red, Red Vermont, and Blue Carmel.