The CEO of Nike Continues by Association with Apple in The Wearables Field

In a recent interview the CEO of Nike 13 minutes for the Market Makers program, Mark Parker has discussed various aspects of the future of Nike in the field of the Wearables. And best of all, for us the maquera, seems to indicate that this will be closely linked to Apple.

We all know already the close collaboration that are taking the two companies during the last years. This has led us to Apple to distribute the Nike FuelBand in their Apple Store and that the application of Nike, Nike + Move has been one of the first to leverage the iPhone 5s M7 processor.

Mark talks about the future of the Wearables, It will soon by Apple Watch (with a series, the Apple Watch Sport) and that it will be one of the main features of the Apple Wearable. But Mark goes beyond and predicts a future where the devices will be more discrete and integrated in our day to day.

Although obviously Mark has not revealed any secret about future collaborations, It ensures that together will be able to do things that could not do separately. In his own words, seals will get to expand the digital frontier of the Wearables.

Eager to see that they will offer us these two companies? We carry several moves by both companies and insurance, which have many interesting products that offer us.