The CNMC Fine with 250,000 Euros to Movistar Not Open Access to 11 Numbers of SMS Premium

Users are usually those who have been affected by various scams or scams that have led them to receive invoices for nothing expected by subscription or service sending messages to numbers of pricing or special SMS premium, that has led to various reforms of the rules governing such services.

But now the handicapped the SMS premium have not been precisely the users but rather Movistar, that he has seen as the National Commission of the market and competition has been imposed a fine of 250,000 euros for not having full-time opened 11 numbers of this type of service for your users.

It all begins in March 2012, when a resolution of the extinct CMT obliges Movistar measures precautionary to restore access to different numbers of SMS premium managed by Nvia management of data SL related different, not subscription services, since those numbers belong to different companies but all are managed by Nvía.

It only opened part of the affected numbers

Movistar proceeded at that time to re-establish access to the majority of the numbers mentioned in the resolution claiming that other numbers either were not affected by the measures imposed precautionary, they were not active before the date of the resolution or had little traffic, having not been activated one of the numbers by his mistake.

After more nvia the CNMC concluded that there were certain numbers that could not be included in the sanction resolution, because the company had not requested its activation to Movistar before the resolution, but decided to impose the fine for not having activated when communicated you the measures precautionary other 11 numbers.

Therefore not only to users we leave expensive the so controversial SMS premium and is that Movistar will have to pay 250,000 euros for not allowing its users, that almost certainly would be grateful for this, access to 11 numbers of SMS premium.