The Creators of Pin Drop Joined The Development Team at Apple IOS

At the end of month PIN Drop, an extremely easy to use app for Save places assigning tags, He will leave the App Store after two years without much success in your search for funding. However, its main equipment can occur by lucky after getting “your dream job” being recruited by Apple for the iOS development group.

The prospect of seeing some of the PIN Drop ideas integrated into the next version of iOS is not anything crazy, and would certainly be an interesting improvement over the limited role of thumbtacks and add to favorites that we currently have for maps. Create and share routes, manage locations (something very useful because you spend to photography or real estate) or reporting problems to Apple in a fast and direct way are just some of the possibilities.

One more thing… Interior maps

This morning we knew the implementation underway from Apple Maps Connect program, but there is something else accompanying the section aimed at small businesses. It is of maps Indoor, the pilot program of localization in interior spaces through iBeacons, triangulation of Wi-Fi antennas and the data collected by the coprocessors of M7 and M8 (iPhone 5s) A7 and A8 chip movement (iPhone 6-6s).

Apple began to promote this kind of technologies between developers and partners with the release of iOS 7, but with the launch of this new website seem more open to implementation on a larger scale. That Yes, the list of requirements to access the maps Indoor program makes it clear that at least for the time being they prefer to prioritize the points of greatest relevance, in particular the of receive more than 1 million visitors a year.

Options that Apple shuffle for this technology include the promotion through ads geolocalized, automatic check-ins, dissemination of content and information, and of course, navigation.