The Neural Network of SwiftKey Already Knows Spanish to Offer Better Predictions

A few weeks ago SwiftKey He began to improve predictions of your keyboard through the use of neural networks. Your keyboard has begun to understand human language and to suggest the next word will analyse everything in context of the phrase which we have written instead of just keep in mind the last two words.

The new neural network of SwiftKey it premiered a few days ago in the United States and United Kingdom English language, but we now know that this neural network has already learned the Spanish, French and German to finally offer us their new Intelligent predictions.

Through SwiftKey beta we can now enjoy a more accurate predictions in Spanish thanks to the use of the artificial intelligence of neural networks. In the following screenshots you can see the predictions of the old N-Gram model and those of the new model of the neural network. Now the forecast makes more sense and manage more.

Before | Now

In this example we see how in the screenshot on the right (neural networks) suggests as a prediction the words home, office or evening, that make more sense in the context that the page, as words or web suggests in the screenshot on the left (model n-gram).

Other novelties

SwiftKey us It allows to use up to five languages at a time to receive corrections and suggestions. You will recognize in that language have written to show suggestions or corrections in the same languages. It will also allow to disable the popup that appears when you press the keys.

Finally, the new version that will arrive in a few weeks everybody also adds the Sindhi Pakistan language, Pashto, Scottish Gaelic, and Uyghur.