The Obsession of Working 24 Hours a Day from Apple, a Madness as a Former Engineer

All we have read or heard once as Apple employees are delighted with belong to a company as innovative as the Apple. At least, that’s what they say to those who are within the company, since it seems that those who leave just not so happy as it seemed that they were while they were part of the family of Cupertino. The last exit and speak ill of the company has been Don Melton, former Apple engineer responsible for the project of Safari.

Apparently according to Melton working at Apple is crazy. And it is that according to their statements to a known English-speaking podcast, culture of Apple working 24 hours a day 7 days a week is virtually untenable. And this would be done due to pressure bring out the best as soon as possible and a general behavior of all employees, including large executives such as Tim Cook.

According to the same statements of Melton it seems that stories which include Cook arriving in the early hours to the company and leaving early in the morning are completely certain Since all this according to what you have said the engineer, it seems that most of its employees live in the office rather than at home. As a curious story, it also has that a reprieve had on one occasion: emitted when the series ‘The Sopranos’. Scott Forstall was apparently so fan of the series who not lost never, by which employees knew they had an hour of relaxation Sunday afternoon.

Doubt or not statements of Don Melton is a thing of each, but the truth is that from the beginning of Steve Jobs We’ve known that Apple has always been demanded much, and not by wanting to exploit workers, if not for its philosophy of innate of wanting to change the world through great products that end up throwing. That is why Tim Cook send cards thanking its employees work.

The funny thing of all is that you despite catalog of madness the attitude of Apple and its employees against working hours, Melton ends the interview saying that He had a great experience working at Apple, having had the opportunity of working with very bright people in their stay in Cupertino. Personally, knowing the pressure and demands that exist in Apple, I don’t know if I’d like to be part of your template.