The Replacement for The Nokia 610 Lumia Will Be 4 Inches and Windows Phone 7.8

Seems to be that the range Lumia not only will renew in the upper ranges, with Nokia Lumia 820 and 920, there will also be space for a lower end phone, possibly to plug the gap which Nokia Lumia 610 fails to cover in the market.

Will try a phone screen of four inches, and you will use the version of the Microsoft operating system Windows Phone 7.8, which us reveals that its internal hardware will be first generation.

“The phone is known internally as”Glory”, and although sources claim it as the successor to the Lumia 610, but with a larger screen.” The specifications seem to be quite fair, with a processor at 800 MHz and memory RAM (256 MB).

If you don’t have a very competitive price, I don’t see much interest to the terminal, it would be far better to reduce the market price of the 800 Lumia. It is not expected that it be presented at the Nokia World event.