Tim Cook Promises 25 New Apple Store Chinese in Two Years

Tim Cook has traveled to China to talk with the authorities of the country, following a series of attacks that allegedly suffered iCloud directed toward Chinese user accounts. But it has also tapped for the classical visit to factories and has spoken with the press promising 25 new Apple Store in two years.

It is a number of openings pretty ambitious, considering that right now there are twelve Apple Store in China. In addition, recent financial results of Apple said that in 2015, also 25 new stores is inaugurarían all over the world. If we make an average, roughly half of those stores will be Chinese.

This is the translated statement:

We want to triple the number of Apple Stores in China over the next two years. We continue to expand in the online version and opening new channels. We already have 40,000 points of sale of the iPhone, but even closer to where it must be with the range of our products and even those 40,000 points are few considering the population and expansion of China. So I think that there are still great opportunities here, and I have good feeling of how we are doing.

It’s simple: have to meet the demand.

China is “Awakening” for Apple. 6 iPhone reserves out of the graphs, the previous generation also broke sales records, the Genius Bar are collapsed to the point that resold sessions reserved… no wonder nothing that Tim Cook wants to strengthen its presence in a market where users of the Apple bite they grow at an accelerated pace. Revenues from the last quarter in China already were 14% of the total.

Great to meet talented people like Zhang Fan, who helps make iPhone 6 in Zhengzhou. An early highlight of this trip. our site/ALo5d3SiSZ

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) October 23, 2014

Anecdotally, we also have this Tweet with included photography, where Tim Cook speaks with one of the employees who made the iPhone in China 6. Now just need that it passes through any official store to see customers, which already made some time.