Tip-Off BasketBall 2 Us Brings Impossible Baskets and Lots of Fun Challenges

Some of the first games that we have seen in modern smartphones have consisted to put baskets. They were simple but they were used to make a physical system running and most importantly: explore the touch control to teach how to throw the ball and the effects that made according to how move you it. It has rained a lot since then and although there are now other genres that have more pull still want to have prominence.

ioPixel once launched tip-off Basketball as a game where we had to put baskets with all kinds of balls and on the slopes of half the world. Now, again with a similar idea, but with many more possibilities, challenges and shots that you will seem impossible to achieve. All of that combined is in a very addictive game.

Getting the ball in many ways

Tip-off Basketball is composed of Sixty levels where we will have a different challenge on each one: get a score determined ahead of time or make a combo by inserting several baskets followed in different ways. The difficulty is on the rise and the more advanced levels are quite complicated.

In all these phases, we will have a total of 100 achievements we have to overcome. Some of them are not required, just recommended for completists, but they know us since. If we do not like to play alone, he has with a multi online mode to compete with more people. Today it is easy to find people, but the community is not especially large.

The game is visually attractive and a particularly powerful mobile do not need to make it work. Without going any further, a motorbike last year G works without any difficulty. The game includes free to play options but they are not necessary to advance or win games.

We will be earning virtual currency, You can also purchase, and with them we will be able to buy new balls and some other complement. If we like basketball but we do not want a simulate complex as NBA 2 K, this game is perfect a hobbies.

Tip-off Basketball 2 arcade games

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: ioPixel
  • Download: Google Play