Top 10: the Most Desired Red Lingerie!

We women do not give up investing in beautiful models that value our body, our silhouette and increase our self-esteem even more, and break, please the partner, right?!

When it comes to sensual lingerie the first color that comes to many women’s head is the vigorous RED. Sometimes you look at lingerie of another color and nothing for her, there you have the same model in red, the story changes right ?! Our eyes even shine ( rs).

Red is a warm color, which refers to passion, desire, love and warmth.In the old days it was not like that, only those who used and abused this tonality were the girls who worked in brothels, invested in the red to awaken the said desire in men.Today the conversation is different, in a very natural way she left the catwalks and was incorporated into our lingerie drawer, already part of our day-to-day life.

You must be wondering: but Dajo, why are men so attracted to red? The answer is simpler than it sounds: men are visual (you’ve probably heard it around).They are attracted to what they see and so much so that when we invest in a beautiful red lingerie they delight and go crazy.

“Beautiful and bold lingerie plays a very important role in the couple’s life.In addition to arousing a greater interest in the man, it plays a relevant role in the woman’s self-esteem, since it makes her more beautiful, attractive and desired.All this makes the relationship with your partner even more pleasant, “says Patrícia Maziviero, businesswoman and owner of a famous sex shop.

White, black and red lingeries are essential in the wardrobe, according to NEXTICLE, as they are visual, each tonality works in a way on their heads: “I notice that men’s preference is for bold and transparent lingerie, which shows a little of the body of the Woman, so he can see it even without having to take the pieces off, “says Patricia.

And for your happiness and your love, here at Dajo we have so many options of red lingerie and we have made an incredible selection of the most desired pieces, check out:

Top 10|The Most Desired Red Lingerie

# 10:Diva Sweater |An entire microfiber sweater with lace details that goes from the back to the bottom, wonderful!

# 9:Darling Bra + Underwear Rafaela Bras | An amazing set that you can not miss in your wardrobe, the bra of that push up effect in the breast and the panties have a lace that draws and highlights the butt, double that right?!

# 8:Bra Fernanda + Nicole + Dental Strap Panties | A trio that plucks hearts, the bra is the famous max up that increases in up to 03 times the size of the sinus in a very natural way, the panties is a model string also with lace behind that draw and leaves the buttock well steep We are the sales champion, who buys a round to get more of other colors) and the classic garter belt, all in lace and tulle, to give that elegant and sensual touch in the composition. What a trio, huh?!

# 7:Bra Giovana + Thong Rafaela + Pantyhose 7/8|Another trio of pulling sighs, the bra is a model that will fall but accompanies a pair of pearl handles in case you want to use it otherwise, the panties also draws and leaves the butt very beautiful with its lace back and sock 7/8 to snatch ( rs ), a composition for anyone to put defect right?!

# 6:Camila camisole: who loves and does not give up the sweater will love, a model of sweater all in microfiber (that fabric geladinho) with two slits in lace front and back a neat neckline, beautiful, right?!

# 5:Gisele Cropped + Gisele Dental Wire Pant | If you are one of those who lives in fashion, following trends and does not give up being impeccable (even in lingerie), this set was made for you! The cropped style top is all in lace (no bulge and no rim) and the thong pantyhose also all in super comfortable lace, a double and both!

# 4:Bra Dayse | Our little darling who could not miss, a bra without a bulge that carries with it all the benefits of a bra with a bulge, and above all, it is mega elegant and sensual. A lace lingerie makes all the difference, eh?!

# 3:Eva Corset | A lingerie that by itself is already incredible, a corset all in lace and tulle, with fins that line and draw the silhouette, that old piece that never goes out of style!

# 2:Body Sensual Radiant | When it comes to sensual lingerie, who wins is our bodys shot, we highlight today the radiant that is a whole piece in tulle and lace, because as we speak, transparency stirs the imagination of the boys, this body is a win!

# 1:Heart Open Sweater | Still in transparency, our sweater opens ALL heart in lace, that is, basically all transparent. It is # 1 because it is the most desired piece here in the Dajo, a model of very short sweater that lines and gives a UP in the silhouette. As she is all in income, ends up being a very sensual piece. She deserves to be on top, right?!

These girls are the most loved and desired lingerie for our clients, and that’s what they say: sensual lingerie is the only immediate return investment !How much to invest?All the pieces available here:our site


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