WhatsApp for Android Already Allows to Use Links to Join Groups

With the new beta version of WhatsApp It is much easier to add participants to their groups. Already no need to have the contacts on our agenda, we can now share a link So who gets it join the Group.

WhatsApp has followed in the footsteps of other applications of messaging as a Telegram or Hangouts to also offer the option of invite to the group with a link to enjoy the advantages.

The main advantage to invite groups with a link is that you no longer have to have the number of mobile of participants, which saves you having to go asking for phone or add to multiple administrators. Another advantage is that anyone can share link to invite people to the Group, so not just administrators who can add participants.

How to invite the group with link

The Group administrators are the only people who can generate link to invite to the group. So they just have to go to group information, click on “Add participant…” and select the new option The group with link-invite.

There will be shown on the link of the group together with the options to share it by WhatsApp, copy link, share the link with other applications or Unbind. Voiding the link is the option that prevents people is a group through this shared link. After the cancellation, we will have another new link.

More news

Another novelty that we find in the new version of WhatsApp beta is that it will now be easier to forward images and videos of our chat to other contacts and groups. Now next to each image or video received will be shown the option to forward, which will save us make a long press on the file.