24 Models Under 2 Kilos: The Lightest Notebooks in the Test

Notebooks are just as practical as versatile: you can be used comfortably on the sofa, but also on the terrace or on car rides, and in the aircraft. What bothers less at home, proves agony on travel: laptops, which rapidly mutate with a high weight to the T-bar top. The result: long arms. But not with these models: COMPUTER has image under all tested devices with Windows, Mac OS and chrome OS the 24 notebooks determined, less than 2 kg on the scales bring.

The lightest notebooks

More practical than tablets, more mobile than PC

Tablet pcs are versatile, but serious shortcomings: Edit holiday pictures touch is just a cramp , to create presentations with long texts or to edit a large Excel spreadsheet. Such tasks can be done much faster and above all more comfortable notebook. Also, users do not like with a traditional desktop PC are chained to the desk: your notebook work works everywhere.

No thick chunks

Straight on the road is a model with low weight. Who wants a 3.3-kilogram chunk as Schenker XMG P705 daily carrying it with them? But notebooks like the donor qualify more as a replacement for a desktop PC, it brings but thanks to a large 17.3 display and neat steam even elaborate games of the caliber of GTA 5 liquid on the screen.

The fastest notebooks

20 models see the fastest notebooks

Also suitable for the reading

Gamers but also see the here tested models a suitable light-weight. As long as they want to play not the exhausting title GTA 5 in full detail reproduction, the 15.6-inch MSI GS60 (1.939 grams) and the 1,767 grams are lightweight and equipped with a 14-inch display gigabyte P34G quite as gaming notebook. But you are the only copies in this comparison, the remaining light weights are more suitable for Internet and Office applications, but also for photo and video editing.

With and without steam

Amazing: A narrow light construction means not always sacrificing the speed. The speed differences are however daunting. As notebook computers such as the Apple macbook Pro, Microsoft surface book and Lenovo thinkpad X 1 carbon flopped with a very high work pace, while devices such as the HP Pavilion X 360 or Acer Aspire witch 10 E leisurely tasks.

The notebooks with the best image quality

12 notebook with top displays see notebooks

Bigger means not always severe

That a 13-inch notebook is not always automatically harder than an 11-incher , devices such as the HP spectre 13 (13 inch, 1.102 grams) and the Lenovo Yoga 2 prove 11 (11 inch, 1,304 grams). Even one of the smallest notebooks in this comparison, the 10.1-inch device HP Pavilion X 360, weighs in with 1,407 grams rather than the much larger HP spectre 13 (1.102 g).

Conclusion: the lightest notebooks

Top in this comparison: Lenovo Yoga 900 S. It bettered even less than the 1-kilogram mark 999 grams. The 1,057 grams light notebook / Tablet combo Lenovo thinkpad X follows in 2nd place 1 tablet, place 3 the 11-inch version of the macbook Air with a weight of 1,072 grams, in fourth position that slight 1.102 grams HP spectre 13

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