7 Apps You Don’t Need Internet

You’ve used apps music offline on your smartphone? And what about reading some books while you do not have an internet connection? You may need to navigate by the GPS in a place where the connection is not good. So, which application does not need internet and you can use as well on your smartphone? This is what we will show in this selection we’ve made of the best apps to use offline.

Music App That Does Not Need of Internet: the Google Play Music

Google Play Music offers you the opportunity to download millions of songs and listen to them offline. Users with a standard account can upload and listen to up to 50,000 songs from your personal library for free, at no cost to you. However, you can have a cost to create custom playlists. But it is worth the investment.

App Music That Does Not Need Internet: Spotify

Spotify is a application for music streaming that also allows users to listen to their music offline. It has a huge library, and allows you to search for any song or artist and listen to them for free. The music app allows users to add up to more than 3000 songs to your playlist offline on 3 different devices. It is worth remembering that you will have to subscribe to Spotify to have access to this feature.

Application That Does Not Need Internet for GPS: Google Maps

Google Maps offers a matrix as a solid resource that many people will not need to look for another. Along with indications step-by-step, multiple display options, routing information, detailed, live traffic updates and all that you expect from a navigation app, Google Maps really provides almost everything.

However, if you want to use it offline, you will need to download the maps of the area that you want to use in advance. If you do this, you obviously will not get traffic updates, because they require a connection. Google Maps also has the ability to download several areas for your phone and use Google Maps in the mode ‘Wi-Fi only’ when you have a network connection irregular.

Now also allows you to store maps on your external SD card, freeing up space on your phone. If you are not driving, it offers options of walking, cycling and public transport for you to get to your destination, as well as quotes for various services of car transportation.

Applications That Do Not Need Internet for GPS


The TomTom is one of the most famous apps in the sector of navigation. The company offers a mapping service up-to-date with great quality to take people from a To B and a multitude of route options. You may have to pay to have all of the resources available, but can be worth it if Google Maps does not have everything that you need.The app includes traffic information to the vivoorientação voice, routes, offline, and 3D images complete various constructions. The maps are available for over 100 countries also.

Applications Offline to Texts: Docs to Go Free Office Suite

The Docs to Go is an older application. However, it is still getting new features and updates. It has the basics, such as word processing, spreadsheet and presentation editing. This does an excellent job of letting you do these things without much setup.The paid version unlocks files blocked by password, saving (and loading from) sites of storage in the cloud and sync files with your desktop. Does a good job of offline reading and editing jobs.

App Offline Reading: Feedly

The application Feedly is already a great app to get tons of news from a variety of sources. Through the RSS reader Feedme, the application allows you to get access to all the things you need to know. All the latest news and events are right at your fingertips. But the best part about Feedly is that you can have all your news downloaded via Wi-Fi. Then, later, you can go offline and view all the content.

App for Offline Reading: Amazon Kindle –

For those who like to read books, the Amazon Kindle is the best ebook reader available. What makes this app even more awesome is that you can continue to use it for hours without connection to the internet. All you need to do is to get a free book or buy one. After you have the book, download it to your device and you are ready to read.

Know of any other apps offline for Android? What?