AIRTAME for Wireless Screen Sharing Lands in Stores

Now you can buy the wireless HDMI dongle for screen sharing from your gadgets, as a Danish startup-company stands behind.

The small HDMI dongle, AIRTAME, which reflects your smartphone, tablet and computer onto the tv, lands now in store shelves and are ready for online ordering.

The little Copenhagen startup-company last year created headlines around the world when the company through crowdfunding website, Indiegogo, received the support of over 14,000 interested contributors at 10 million. Crowns.

Thanks to the many contributors from Indiegogo’s product is now a reality and can now be purchased after prolonged delay.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to launch AIRTAME”, says CEO and founder of AIRTAME, Jonas Gyalokay. “After months of beta testing, where we have worked hard to refine the product, we are now ready to release our product. We are very grateful for the efforts of our testers and early customers have put into the product. They have helped to shape the final version of the AIRTAME product and we are now one step closer to our vision of a world in which meeting rooms without cables and wires “.

AIRTAME distinguishes itself by acting entirely as a traditional HDMI cable connected from a computer to the large tv screen or a projector, where you get the mirror image up on. The difference lies in the fact that it operates completely wirelessly through WiFi with AIRTAME. It makes the dongle suitable to take with you on the go to presentations both private and erhversmæssigt.

If you see a small Chromecast or Microsoft Wireless Display dongle for you, it’s something like, AIRTAME looks like, but in having stores on a somewhat different technology.

The small Danish wireless HDMI solution is compatible with all 5 platforms at the moment, which is Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. AIRTAME must be downloaded on the platform you want to use it with, and then you’re up and running. An app for Windows Phone is also on the way, according to AIRTAME on its website.


Price and availability

The small, Danish popular creature can be yours for 1,499 crowns for a limited period of time, while the from the 1. October – about 4 months – will cost in the region of 2,899 crowns.

AIRTAME collaborates with the Distributor, EET Euro party, which means that the little dongle can be purchased in the European shops already from today.