Amazon Echo or Google Home: Is It Worth Buying?

The virtual assistants have gained more prominence in the world of technology, especially in the age of the internet of things. Such assistants, seek to become the center of the connected houses. Among all the available wizards, two deserve a special mention: the Google Home, and Amazon Echo. There are several utilities that each of them brings to their daily lives, from simple help with searches up the control equipment connected in your network. But the investment in these products is worth it?

Google Home in Portuguese Has More Knowledge That the Amazon Echo

The great advantage of Amazon Echo is its interactivity optimized with the Amazon store. However, the Amazon store in Brazil sells only ebooks, books, and Kindles, which greatly limits the possibilities of the instrument on the Amazon.

Therefore, at the time of using the wizard for general affairs, it is no surprise that the Google Home leave with an advantage. This is not to say that the Amazon Echo is a bad thing, but Google Home will be able to provide an answer with much more efficiency than that of the Amazon Echo. Taking into account that the Google Home also knows how to better understand the Portuguese (even with translation) and the Echo still does not, the possibility of response localized, that is, custom for Brazil, it is also much larger for the Google Home.

The Google Home is also able to remember the previous questions. For example, if you make a question “How much is a hamburger in my city?”, you can follow with the question “And where to buy burger with this price?”

In a general outline, as an assistant for the day, be it for studies, to help to make a recipe or you prepare with the news of the day, the Google Home is more efficient than the Amazon Echo.

It is worth remembering: none of the two has support for the Portuguese and only available in English and German (in the case of Echo). However, Google has an easier time to understand other languages and to assist in translation.


Amazon Echo Works in Brazil and Interacts with More Devices Than the Google Home

The Amazon Echo does not only work in Brazil as it interacts very well with several devices, from thermostats to smart up the smart lighting of a house. This native support, which is a great advantage also for anyone who wants to assemble a connected home more than use the wizard to search for information on the internet.

However, both devices integrate with apps that allow the connection with several different products and services. Is not as perfect as the native integration, but does Google from Home has the least disadvantages as the central control of your smart home..

So, if you are using your virtual assistant to control all your equipment from the smart home, the Amazon Echo comes out in advantage, and the Google Home leaves a little to be desired in this aspect. But remember: this advantage only works if your intention is to create a connected home with multiple devices interacting with each other and being controlled by your voice commands.

Amazon Echo and Google Home Work Well for Music

Whether by streaming, Bluetooth, or files stored, the Amazon Echo and Google Home are great centers of music. Services native to each device (Amazon Prime Music and Google Play Music), Prime Music is not yet available in Brazil. As both devices can connect to other apps of music streaming, this is not a drawback in itself. And with time, it is likely that Amazon will bring its streaming services to music in Brazil. It is only to have patience.

Google Home: When You Buy, You Have Better Physical Controls

Both the Echo and the Google Home comes with controls on the device itself that allow you to increase and lower the volume or mute the microphone. However, the control interface of the Google Home allows you to do a little more.

The Echo includes a wheel that you rotate to control the volume, and the mute button is on the device, as well as a button to activate or cancel the virtual assistant. On Google Home, the entire top surface is a touchpad, and depends on gestures with the fingers to control everything, that are easy to understand. With it, you can play or pause songs, adjust the volume and activate the virtual assistant. However, the mute button the microphone is on the back of the device, which is a place a little strange for this button

Google Home Interact with Your Chromecast

One of the biggest unique features of the Google Home is its ability to integrate with devices Chromecast, which allows you to, essentially, control your TV by using your voice. This is possible with the Echo, but it takes a lot of time and effort to make it work, in addition to the use of a PC or similar device to achieve the interaction.

If you have a Chromecast, you can say to Google Home to play a video or a song saying something like “OK Google, play news videos on the TV from my room” and the device will begin to show news videos of YouTube on your TV.

But the Amazon Echo Integrates with More Services

Similar to the support smarthome that each device has, the support to general services is a little flawed at the Google Home, but there is a lot that you can do on the Amazon Echo.

With the Google Home, you can ask for sports scores, news and even order a taxi or an Uber, but the Echo can do all of this and much more, including read your Twitter feed aloud to you and even guide you in physical training, thanks to Alexa’s Skills that you can download.

Of course, Google will add much more of these types of features in the future, but the Echo comes out in front with the integration with more services.

Both Have Built in Speakers Decent

The Echo normal size and the Home of Google comes with built-in speakers surprisingly robust sound very well. Certainly not as good as a system of speakers dedicated, but good enough to keep the volume respectable while you complete other tasks in your home.

However, the speakers on the Google Home tend to start having problems when you put them over the top.

If you have an Echo Dot, you may want to connect speakers external to it, since the stereo system that you are connecting has an auxiliary jack. The Echo normal size, and the Google Home does not have output ports for audio, so you’re stuck using the speakers embedded in these devices or using boxes sound smart that have the support of one of the devices.

The video below has some information about Google Home. At the time that the person made the video, had not the wizard in Portuguese, but it has been modified.

Google Home, and Amazon Echo: Price

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of the Google Home is the price of$129 (about 40% of the minimum wage, brazilian, not to mention taxes), while the Amazon Echo has the price of$179.99 (about 60% of the minimum wage the brazilian, not counting taxes.

Of course, the Echo Dot, the compact version of the Echo, it only costs$50 (17% of the minimum wage the brazilian, taxes), but does not come with the built-in speakers robust than the Echo and Google Home has. It is possible that the prices to be more competitive in the coming years, with more devices of this type emerging in the market.

Is it Worth Buying the Google Home or the Amazon Echo in Brazil?

Yes and no. If you have a connected home, and not in a hurry to have all the products and services available for these wizards in Brazil, can be a good buy, especially for those who like the idea of a device that can help in the tasks of home. Those who want to use some services available outside of Brazil can still take the risk to set up a VPN network, but with caution because it can violate some of the terms and conditions of the devices (search for and read a lot about the subject before venturing).

However, due to the limitations of the devices that had not been translated or released in Brazil, the use of them is very limited to a product with costs so high. It is better to invest in go turning your home into a connected home and intelligent that purchase these devices. But the choice and the money are all his.

You have the Amazon Echo or Google Home? It was worth the investment?