Android App to Monitor Sleep! Sleep Better!

All the medical literature says that using electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, and tablets before going to bed can cause problems in sleep, affecting its quality. Is there a application that I tested for more than 1 month and I now use with some frequency, is the Electric Sleep. This Android app makes a statistic out of his sleep based on the amount of movements that you do during the night and in the evaluation that you make of your sleep soon when he wakes up.

The operation is very simple: you place your mobile phone on the bed with the program running, and via the accelerometer, it measures the vibrations caused by their movements in the night. There is a proven relationship between the movements of the legs during the night and sleep quality. When you wake up you will pick up the phone and tell you if woke up as well or not, and based on the movements that you made in your answers the app will give a score for your sleep. It may seem silly but you can yes to improve the quality of your sleep trying to repeat those times that you slept better. I did and it really works well.

To mark the morning as it feels like the score increases, and you will know with ease the average amount of time slept, how long it took to sleep and things like that. With time the application will know the moment you’re ready to wake up and, if you do not have daily appointments in the morning, you can schedule it to wake up at the appropriate time, when your sleep is already light. Cool isn’t it?

To use is good to keep the phone connected to the wall outlet because the battery may discharge to stay the entire night reading the accelerometer, and processing the information. I did this by connecting the phone to the loaded and leaving under-water, just above the mattress, thus avoiding the chance to kick the phone out of the bed during the night.

Did you see the page of Electric Sleep in the Android Market and learn more details about the Application. Installed on a Motorola Milestone 1 and it works perfectly. After you use, tell here your impressions for other readers.