Android Market Situation 2015 Second Open Signal

As usual, Open Signal has published its annual report on the State of the Android market. A very impressive to observe the usual chart, which highlights the slogans recently introduced by Google itself: Be together, not the same. There are those who see this as the highlight of Android (like Google, which speaks of differentiation), who considers it his worst fault (and here comes the term fragmentation). Probably both are true, anyway here are some interesting ideas for reflection.

Note that the statistic map simply Open apps users Signal, so you can not define 100% accurate. In total, 682,000 devices were considered, for uniformity than in previous years. Open Signal is an app available on Google Play, which means that the Chinese market is basically non-existent.

  • Samsung is still the market leader, but its location becomes weaker from year to year. In 2013 had a market share of 47.5%, in 2014 of 43%, this year has dropped up to 37.8%.On the podium remain respectively LG and Sony, followed very closely by Motorola.
  • The number of devices on the market rose to ben 24,093, and in 2014 were 18,796. Growth is slow anyway, even if only slightly: in 2013 were 11,868. 5,297 are new devices against 7,108.
  • The device is still the most popular Samsung Galaxy S III, but has lost much ground over the previous year. The Galaxy S4, in both variants (i9500 and i9505) is the most widespread.
  • Great appreciation also for the range of motorcycles G, which combined 30% of around 25-includes share of Motorola.
  • A little sad the Nexus 6, which is just slightly over Nexus 4 three years ago. In any case, Google (as a brand Nexus) has slipped far behind in favor of ASUS, ZTE and Verizon.
    There are so many information to consult, and although they are not necessarily trusted too is still an interesting read. We recommend that you read the full report from the official website, which also touches on topics such as distributions of the various versions of Android, amount of producers and much more.