Android Smartphone with Great Cost Benefit

There are more than two months I am looking at the model of Android available in the market to replace my handset Motorola Milestone that has served me for two years. Now he already has defects, and a slowness that makes it a martyrdom operation. I still think that two years is little time for changing the instrument and perhaps would be a little bit more with the current device, but as the price for replacement touch screen faulty Milestone is high, the repair is not worth and it is best to replace.

I’ll change the Milestone and also to give a gift to my bride. As she got a N95 in deplorable conditions, to exchange for an Android will already be a jump and both in terms of features. I set out to find a unit better but not so expensive and it was not top of the line as when I bought the Milestone. The cost benefit ratio increases significantly after the first few months of the launch of a smartphone, especially because the price drops too. One of the appliances that I found really interesting is the Samsung Galaxy W, a smartphone with a better processor than the Milestone, as well more current and it certainly meets up to my expectations of having a good instrument and one that is not too expensive.

The Galaxy W has 1.4 GHz processor, comes with Android 2.3, 5MP camera that has had good reviews. In terms of communication it has Wi-Fi and 3G, which are indispensable nowadays. Finally: do everything that the old Milestone it was, many more than the N95 allowed. The Galaxy W is being sold for an excellent price in the store Giraffe, reliable, where I already had purchased before.

The video below talks a little more about the Galaxy W and soon I’ll write about it again here on the site.

I just think that a memory card greater can be interesting, but even so, this is the device that I recommend.