Apple Macbook Pro 2016: Apparently a Success

At the first keynote of the year macbooks remained sidelined, in June 2016 it remained during the WWDC still to the hardware. At a special event on October 27, 2016 it was finally just in time for the 25th anniversary of the ur-macbooks (powerbook at the time), Apple shows far the revised macbook Pro. First reports piled up, the Apple should have so I didn’t notice. But: Suppliers report that Apple increased orders for required components.

Macbook Pro seems a success

The DIGITIMES reported that Apple orders increased at suppliers and concludes on good sales. Apple is optimistic, according to the sources, what concerns the success in the first financial quarter. The data match the official statement of the Apple hardware Chief Phil Schiller, who know in an interview, was that the pre-orders for the new macbook Pro is by far uertrumpfe all previous generations. The delivery time for the macbook Pro with touch bar now stands at two weeks.

Problems with the connections

While fighting the macbook Pro on many fronts. Not only dispenses with almost all popular interfaces Apple at the new macbook for professional users, but inhibits apparently even the use of the few remaining connections. Apple Insider reports that Thunderbolt 3 as well as the AUX connection of the macbook Pro with touch bar were not quite perfect. So, a manufacturer of USB-C docks and Thunderbolt-3 hardware complained that existing devices with the new macbook are compatible. The accusation: Apple have Thunderbolt 3 so designed that there would be difficulties with hardware from third-party manufacturers. Apple denied this and promised that all devices will run smoothly as long as the driver is up-to-date. The AUX port is much more annoying. Apple kept the mainly according to hardware Chief Phil Schiller, for professional musicians to work with the macbook Pro. By eliminating the optical AUX output this statement works but almost absurd.

Apple Keynote: three new macbooks in baggage

100 images Magnificent pieces of design

Macbook Pro (2016): with touch bar and touch ID

It all sounded so great: function keys goodbye, the touch bar takes over! Above the keyboard, Apple incorporated a multitouch-capable bar that takes up various functions in the new macbook Pro. So, the users to swipe finger controls about screen brightness and volume. In programs, the touch bar called bar develops its full potential. Appear in a photo software filters, the unit displays a progress bar in itunes, in the mail program can messages via the touch bar answer, forward, with emoticons. Who wonder how you (2016) ever turn the macbook Pro, which was said: the touch bar contains the power switch on the right side, where he was also in previous macbook generations. At the point, the touch-ID technology, which is known from the iphone is for the first time in an Apple notebook. Touch ID recognizes fingerprints using the new T1 chip and unlocks the device.

Macbook Pro (2016): technical details

New: in addition to the previous another macbook Pro 13-inch screen, there are 13 – and 15-inch variants. It is when it comes to facilities (touch bar and touch ID missing) and performance (2-gigahertz chip) worse than the two other models and will probably replace great macbook Air. Now to the technical facts of the real pros: the smaller macbook Pro works with an Intel processor of core i5 family, which frequency provides two processing cores with up to 2.9 ghz. There are 8 gigabytes (GB) of memory and a 256 GB SSD. The Intel Iris Graphics integrated into the main processor 550 acquires graphic calculations. The 15-inch macbook Pro uses a dedicated graphics unit from the House of AMD: the Radeon Pro 460 has its own store, including a whopping 4 gigabytes. Also the Intel Core i7 chip with four 2.6 gigahertz nimble computing heart promises more power. As data storage, ssds are between 512 GB and 2 terabytes of choice. 16 GB RAM shall ensure that always enough memory is available.

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Caution damage

The repair experts at ifixit are little enthusiastic about the new macbook Pro this applies currently the version with function keys. With two out of a possible ten points for the reparability of the hardware damage, experts certify the device extremely poor marks in terms of sustainability. So be the screws in a special format and need their own tool, the battery is fully bonded and the memory with the mainboard soldered. The SSD, which particularly emphasised during the keynote, Apple is also a proprietary format and interchangeable thus currently not by products from third-party manufacturers. In summary: If you buy a macbook Pro now, should expect to have in terms of RAM and memory no upgrade possibilities and to have little chance of damage, with just a few hand movements to bring about improvement.

Apple boasts numbers

And what to bring the many hardware improvements? To be believed a lot of the Apple specifications. So, the new SSD technology (PCI-Express based) in comparison to the predecessor to work faster 50 percent. The measurements of the game, Apple promises a performance increase of 60 percent (15-inch model) and 103 percent (13-inch model), respectively. Here is an incoming Our site test clarity deliver.

Availability and rates

While the macbook Air replacement immediately and 1,699 euro is, Apple for the powerful (and more expensive) macbook Pros indicates an availability for mid November 2016. The 13-inch model suggests at least 1.999 euros, the 15-inch version with happ-2.699 euros.