Be Careful When You Buy a Used Cell! Does not Have the IMEI on the Invoice!

When I went to purchase the Galaxy S3 by a Free Market I talked a lot with the seller of the instrument, and I learned several interesting things. One of them is the fact that the electronic invoice of the equipment does not bring the IMEI of the phone. Not found anything on the invoice that it was delivered to me regarding the same to the instrument that I had on hand. In other words: the note could be of another device. I did not see how to resolve this situation with the seller. Talked a lot with him but I ended up buying the unit in the trust.

For those who do not understand yet, it is obvious that you must demand the invoice of the mobile phone to buy, whether in shops or sellers in the Free Market. To note is that will give you the warranty. What made me uneasy was the seller does not want to pass me the number of the note by the phone that I read on the website of the electronic invoice. When I asked why, he informed me that they have seen cases of sellers to print an electronic invoice using the number of other just to be able to sell devices as if they were still with long time warranty. Of course this is a fraud, but you need to be very careful and I think the seller made sure not to pass me the number before the in-person meeting.

To buy the device I researched the number on the website of the electronic invoice and there was the device with all information of the purchase… but it could be any Galaxy S3 purchased in the store Nothing there in that information identified my device! The same thing happened on a Galaxy W that I bought directly in the shop Giraffe!

The suggestion that I give is that the companies that sell cell phones to pass the report the IMEI of the device in some field of the note you go to the system of the recipe, so it will be possible to ensure which note is for each instrument And for you who will buy a product second-hand, even though it has not yet been used, check out to the max and ask all the questions trying to make sure that the invoice that you are passed is the same as the device! You cannot be sure, but you may find some issue or contradiction of the seller. If you buy in a physical store, you require the IMEI come the note. I have seen many complaints on the internet from companies that deny the technical assistance in warranty when the note is without the IMEI!

You had problems with the warranty because of this? Leave a comment stating which instrument you bought, and in that store was!