Best Brand of Cell Phone in the World: How to Choose?

There are many Smartphones in the world with advanced features, but some of them outweigh the others in terms of global sales in all over the world. With the smartphones becoming very important in the lives of the majority of the population, the sector has suffered from the various revolutions, with the ever-increasing competition. The designs of smartphones have been revolutionised in the last few years, thus changing the indexes of popularity of different companies. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of them today. But what is the best brand of cell phone in the world?

What is the Best Brand of Cell Phone in the World?

If you ask for the owner of an iPhone, the answer will be Apple. For owners of Samsung, the Korean will be at the top of the list. But the same answer may be different if you talk with a person who had a bad experience with one of these brands.I, for example, I had a problem with a particular brand and never buy smartphones it.

The truth is that the best brand is going to vary from person to person. But to get to know the characteristics that make one or another brand great will help you to delimit what are the best brands of the world and help you decide on the purchase of your next smartphone.

Is that the Samsung Has the Best Phone in the World?

Samsung still maintains its prominent position in the smartphone industry as the brand of cell phone is preferred). A subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, the brand sends more than 300 million units per year. This represents about 30% of the total sales of mobile phones in the market. Your focus today is on smartphones based on Android, although we still design and produce a considerable number of analog phones. Its Samsung Galaxy series is his trademark nowadays, with the majority of sales are found in this series. Samsung is present in almost 100 countries. Because of the absolute domination and extensive portfolio, is the largest brand of smartphones on the market. Your models top of the line are now copied and inspire diverse models of other brands. Technologies Samsung adopts on their smartphones generally appear then in the competitors.

Many Say that Apple Has the Best Phone on the Market

This is easily one of the smartphone brands more popular and recognized around the world. With a strong presence in dozens of countries, along with its exclusive shops, the Apple sells a little over 200 million units per year. Apple was founded in the 1970s, but its unique product, the iPhone, launched in 2007 by Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple), was what brought the company to the global market. The iPhone series is popular because of sus wealth of resources, durability and the fact that it is stylish to have an iPhone. Due to its advantage of differentiation, Apple is the second largest brand of smartphones in the world.

In recent years, Apple has been achieved by their competitors, mainly Samsung. Technological innovations that before were exclusive of the iPhones today are seen in any Android phone. Many times, including innovations arise in the Android to appear in models from Apple. However, the brand also gained in status and ease of use, since the apparatus has an experience that is much more uniform.

The chinese Huawei has also Good Smartphones

Huawei has also not been left behind in the search for a sizable chunk of cake the 10 best smartphone brands in the world. A chinese company, Huawei is the market leader in telecommunication equipment and telephone manufacturers in the world. Its strong presence is in segments such as Smartphone, computers, tablets, and broadband, etc. With over 75,000 people employed solely to research and development, it is now possible to understand why the company is constantly producing phones advanced. Huawei sells about 100 million units per year, and this number is increasing.

For those looking for smartphones top of the line but with more affordable prices, Huawei is one of the brands that offer one of the best experiences.

Lenovo and Motorola: a Union that Makes the Strength

With millions of units sold per year, the Lenovo is a subsidiary of Motorola that has a strong financial support for research and development. The majority of the company’s operations are focused in the design and manufacture of mobile phones. One of the unique selling points of the product is the value proposition unique in that the user has the option to customize the phone according to your needs and requirements. This customization has been copied by many other brands, but the Motorola still leads in this aspect. Their devices are among the most durable in tests and evaluations of users, which makes the brand increasingly reliable.

More a Chinese, Xiaomi Shows the Quality of Their Mobile Phones

One of the most new companies to enter the industry of smartphones, Xiaomi was established in 2010, but managed to penetrate in the global market through its strong work force composed of more than 8,000 workers. The Xiaomi has managed to establish itself as a force to be reckoned with in major markets such as China and India and with a significant presence in Brazil, Singapore, Thailand and Turkey, among others. With more than 65 million units sold, is one of the ten largest brands of smartphones.

Your models top of the line already vying with well-established brands, such as Samsung and Apple, with the difference of the price more accessible, especially in the accessories released for their smartphones.

LG is a South Korean with Market Force

LG is well known not only for its mobile telephony, but also for other appliances and electronic devices. It is known for its products for smartphones, tablets, mobile phones and watches that are smart, etc. Their brands of mobile phones the most popular include the G series, K-series, the LG Tribute, the LG G Flex and the LG Nexus. LG sells about 60 million units per year. Direct competitor of Samsung in several markets, despite having lost a lot of space in the branch of smartphones, LG still has great appliances, and appears as an option is usually cheaper for those who seek for Android devices top of the line non-chinese.

ZTE Showing the Strength of China

This is the third chinese company of mobile telephony in the list of the top ten brands of mobile phones in the world. Its product portfolio is rich in products such as telephones, telecommunications services, tablets and smartphones. The company has as a goal the low-income to the advanced classes of the intermediate segment, with some devices premium high-quality also found in your portfolio. Sell about 55 million units every year. With their gadgets with affordable price, it offers a premium experience to Android users for a fraction of the price.

Brand Mobile Phone Oppo

The Oppo was founded in the year of 2001 in China and has emerged as a formidable force in electronics and technology organization. It is not until 2008 that the company ventured into the manufacturing of smartphones since it used to focus on the production of MP3 players before. With the company slogan “The Art of Technology”, Oppo has managed to reach customers in different countries, the majority of which are in the continent of asia, especially in China and India. Others are in the USA, in the countries of the Middle East, in Europe and even in Australia.

The Oppo sends about 50 million units in a year, with offers on popular smartphones, including OPPO R7, Joy, Mirror, F1 and OPPO Neo. Recently, Oppo has increased its advertising and brought in a lot of different models on the market. With his aggressiveness, we can expect models top of the line brand with much more affordable prices for those who want to have an Android experience complete.

Alcatel and Their Smartphones

This is one of the brands of mobile phone that has a global reach wide, with a presence in at least 170 countries. The focus of Alcatel in technological innovation to deliver the best products to your customers is what caused her to have such a great amount of about 50 million units in a year.

Their prominent products Smartphone are found in the bands Pixi, Idol and Pop. Alcatel offers its customers customized solutions for their specific needs. The Alcatel does not have a customer base as large as their competitors chinese, but its growth and strength in the market show that this may still change in the coming years.

Cellular Vivo

This is one of the brands in the fastest growing and also one of the most new brands of mobile phones in the world. Founded in 2009, the company has become a name of prominence in the industry, with a portfolio of products consisting of smartphones, mobile devices, peripherals and software.

A subsidiary of BBK Electronics, the Live sells about 45 million units per year. The most common tags are found in three main series: phones with price premium X-series, the smartphones low-end Y series and the V series, the category average price. Has done innovations in the design, such as the launch of smartphones that are thinner, that can please those fans of smartphones who are concerned with the beauty of the instrument.

What brands do you like the most? Why?