PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor Definition and Meaning

According to AbbreviationFinder, PHP is a recursive acronym meaning P HP H ypertext P re-processor (initially PHP Tools, or P ersonal H ome P age Tools). It was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994; however the main PHP implementation is now produced by The PHP Group and serves as the de factostandard for PHP in the absence of a formal specification. Released under the PHP License, the Free […]


CMYK Definition and Meaning

CMYK color model. The CMYK model (acronym for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key according to AbbreviationFinder) is a subtractive Color model used in Color Printing. Characteristics This 32-bit model is based on mixing pigments of the following colors to create more: * C = Cyan (Cyan). * M = Magenta (Magenta). * Y = Yellow (Yellow). […]

International Monetary Fund

International Monetary Fund Definition and Meaning

IMF: International Monetary Fund Short for IMF according to AbbreviationFinder, International Monetary Fund is autonomous specialized agency of the UN based in Washington (D.C.), founded in 1945 on the basis of the Bretton Woods (USA) agreement. The IMF promotes international cooperation in the field of monetary policy among its members (currently 189 countries), to whom it can […]

International Monetary Fund IMF

IMF Definition and Meaning

International Monetary Fund, abbreviated as IMF on AbbreviationFinder,  is an autonomous specialized agency of the UN for monitoring of the international monetary system, established on December 27, 1945 on the basis of the Bretton Woods Agreement, seat: Washington (DC); June 2018: 189 members. Goals Promotion of international cooperation in the field of monetary policy, support of […]

ASEAN Definition and Meaning

ASEAN Definition and Meaning

The Asian crisis From the time when the Asean collaboration in the early 1990’s was characterized by optimism and forward-thinking spirit, the tone was much darker at the end of the decade. Asean was then faced with difficult crisis situations. It was about the devastating haze of smoke from Indonesian forest fires, which hit the […]