Calciphylaxis Definition and Meaning

The rare calciphylaxis is a pronounced calcification of small and very small skin arteries (arterioles). The disease is usually caused by severe kidney disease and a secondary overproduction of parathyroid hormone in the parathyroid glands caused by nephropathy. Untreated calciphylaxis has a poor prognosis and, in an advanced stage, is usually accompanied by painful, ischemic-related […]

Data Correlation Definition and Meaning

Data Correlation Definition and Meaning

What is data correlation? Data correlation describes the statistical relationship between two data variables (e.g. states or properties). In statistics, data correlation is any statistical relationship – whether causal (dependent) or not – between two variables. With the correlation as a measure of the relationship between data, two things should be clarified: How strong is […]

Settlement Receipt

Meaning of Settlement Receipt

If an employment relationship is terminated, a compensation receipt can be requested from the employee . The employer can also ask to have this signed back. In this way, the employee confirms that he has received all working papers and that there are no more salary claims against his employer. But what about the legal […]


Meaning of EBITDA 2

EBITDA according to the cost of sales method You can use the cost of sales method according to Section 275 (3) HGB as follows: If the cost of sales method is used, the following must be shown: Sales Production costs of the services provided to achieve the sales Gross profit on sales Distribution costs general administrative costs Other […]

Meaning of Quiet Partner

Meaning of Quiet Partner

The silent partner is never seen in a company and his name does not appear anywhere else. He is actually only involved as a donor and then demands participation. He doesn’t really have anything to say either, unless it has been laid down in a contract. However, the silent partner also has to bear a […]


Meaning of EBITDA

To assess the profitability of your company , you can work with various key figures . One of the most important is EBITDA. That means “earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization” . In German: “Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization on tangible and intangible assets”. And we have put together everything that is important to say about this for you in this post. Definition Strictly […]


Meaning of Buddha

The Buddhism is a religion that has a founder, called Buddha , which means “awake.” For his followers, awakening is the key. The Buddha figure Buddhists understand that human beings live as in a dream, from which they have to leave in order to understand the meaning of life. To understand this is to do […]


Meaning of Ecstasy

Erroneously called the love drug, ecstasy is considered a new drug and is well known among people who go out at night, especially in raves. Ecstasy causes a feeling of euphoria and pleasure. According to some people who have tried the drug, you are overcome by a feeling of lightness, joy and power. Ecstasy was […]


Meaning of Racism

The racism can not be defined as an attempt of description of the various human races – which is the goal of Physical Anthropology and Sociobiology – but as an ideology that seeks to explain human behavior by their racial origin . From a political point of view, racism aims, based on pseudoscientific foundations, to […]

Demographic Theories

Meaning of Demographic Theories

Demographic growth, since more remote times, has always been the subject of debates and reflections, always establishing a discussion between the availability of resources, number of inhabitants and socioeconomic development, see below the main demographic theories . 1. The Malthusian Theory Thomas Robert Malthus was the name of a British pastor and economist, creator of […]


Meaning of Mixed Funds

Mixed funds best reflect the original mutual fund approach. Mixed funds invest in (almost) everything. Stocks, bonds and money market papers form the basis of the selection universe, some providers even mix real estate into the portfolio. Investors who are looking for broad risk diversification but do not want to have 25 different stocks in […]