Galaxy K Zoom: Extra Vine App From Samsung And Twitter

The optical zoom of the Samsung Galaxy K zoom support – this is the aim of the special vine app, which is jointly developed by Twitter and Samsung. So the Galaxy K can exploit its strength in shooting short films with the application of vine full zoom.

One of the core features of the Samsung Galaxy K is ten times optical zoom zoom – and thanks to the special app you can also benefit from this, while you record a vine-video, SamMobile reported. To achieve this, integrate Samsung and Twitter special buttons in the app, which should enable the zoom during filming.

“Support Creativity”

Through the collaboration with Twitter will according to the Senior Vice President of Samsung’s Mobile Division clearly, that the Group on the needs of its customers go a – including on the desire to be able to live out their own creativity. This would be supported especially artistic expressions.

The app is but according to SamMobile not designed to run zoom only on the Galaxy K. The customized app is compatible with all other Android devices. Rather, the Special zoom buttons would appear when the vine app zoom as a device to identify the Galaxy K. There is no, a release date for the customized vine app so far because the Galaxy zoom is even but not yet available in many regions of K, it may take even a while until the release of the app.