Google Keynote 2016: Highlights Pixel, Daydream View, Home Co.

Ago well a month attracted Apple to the iphone-7 keynote the world of technology to the screens. On the leaderboard, iphone 7 plus even the pole position secured, only to place 48 a Google Smartphone comes with the nexus 6 p. High time for a new start! And the IT giant dares the now with the pixel and the pixel XL. Successor to the nexus to usher in a fresh start. As accessory there is a VR goggles daydream view. The Google Assistant is available as a software helper. Want to bring the US giant Google home also in the living room.

Google keynote: pixel cell phones, daydream, home & co.

New of Google powered mobile phone: pixels and pixels XL

As expected Google new smartphones with the new brand name unveiled pixel (formerly nexus). They are the first devices, the the helpful Google Assistant (formerly Google now) have integrated. The Internet giant in the framework of its I/O had in may 2016 presented and recently made available with the Messenger app Allo in an application of the broad masses. In addition to the smart helper that wants to score pixels with a 12.3-megapixel camera achieved the best value in the benchmark DX0mark: the Google information is to be believed, the pixels completes the test with 89 counters, Apple’s iphone 7 comes on 86. A Sechskerner (Snapdragon 821 with 2.15 four times and twice 1.6 ghz) works under the Aluminum hood with AMOLED screen. There are two models: the smaller one offers a 5-inch display, the greater a 5.5-inch display. The memory is lush with 4 gigabytes (GB), the data memory is depending on the model 32 or 128 GB. Both pixel models appear in the colors Quite Black, really blue (only in the USA) and very silver and work ex works with Android nougat. Fürs pixel XL with 128 GB to ask Google hearty 1,009 euro, the cheapest option goes from 759 euro los.

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Google pixel: this is the new high-end Smartphone

Daydream view: VR glasses for the pixel (XL)

Google forward virtual reality (short VR): with the DAYDREAM view the Internet giant its first VR glasses demonstrated, which should be innovative especially in terms of operation than other products on the market. In addition, Google provides with a small controller, which performs a different function depending on the software. During the keynote, Google showed some examples of what is possible with the DAYDREAM view. So, street view can be anew with the VR glasses. Special VR videos on youtube draw the user in the middle of the action that also applies to reports and live videos for media. The DAYDREAM view comes in the colours of snow, Slate, Crimson and launches a challenge to Samsung gear VR ($99) for 79 euros. And: Google’s VR glasses works differently than the Samsung solution not only with own equipment together, but supports also smartphones other manufacturer.

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Google wifi: Google conquered the home

Google wifi comes to onhub: this is a mix of Wi-Fi router and Repeater. With the own technology network assist Google optimized (radio) network, per app settings can be made. Pre-orders are possible from November, in the trade, the Google wifi appears in December 2016 at the price per unit of $ 129, there are three devices in the set for $ 299.

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Chromecast Ultra: finally streaming in 4 K!

The second hardware announcement means Chromebook ultra. It’s not a replacement, but rather a supplement to the 2015 models Chromecast and Chromecast audio. Most important new feature: 4 k support. Thanks to faster components, the new streaming device finally allows the stream in crisp-sharp UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels). According to Google, the Chromecast is ultra 1.8 times faster than its predecessor. He also supports HDR and Dolby vision. Matching Google 4K-Videomaterial Google announced films, which is available in the November 2016 as well as the Chromecast ultra (79 euros).

Details about the Chromecast Ultra

Google Home: just in time for Christmas

The IT giant venturing even further into the networked home, brings a competitor for Amazon’s echo-box for the time being only in the United States in November 2016 with Google home. During the October keynote, Google allowed a deeper insight into the technology and its capabilities: as with the shopping group now possible, Google’s smart speaker in the domestic four walls listens with and disclose information on demand. The big advantage of the attentive box which reminds a bit of a troubled small flower vase: Home can browse the extensive Google universe, offers so many application and survey options and is more than just a music speaker. Google goes with home in the price war with Amazon: while echo namely 179,99 euros, the equivalent of Google already for converted to 115 euros (plus tax) changes the owner.

What Miss Google let

In advance, the keynote was one of the hottest messages from Andromeda. Google work to merge its operating system Android (for smartphones, tablets) and chrome OS (for notebooks). Already on the Google I/O in May of this year there was this good instructions but probably on Google it is simply not ready. Also the first device equipped with Andromeda was a notebook called pixel 3 anyway until 2017 announced.

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