Google Photo: Stores and organizes Your Photos-Forever

Google relaunches their Photo application as your intelligent digital photo album. See the news here.

We take photos like never before, therefore it also becomes more difficult to organize and store photos. Google believes to have solved that problem with a thorough revision of the gallery app Google Photo.

Google Photo breaks now out from its sister-app Google+ shading, and enters into character as a central app from which you can easily keep track of all your movies and photos.

The overview is created via a new, simplified interface, where you can quickly find the desired image. It’s happening now at two-finger zoom where you know a flick can zoom in and out from the daily, monthly or even yearly view. 
Many find that it is time consuming to sort and organize your photo albums. The problem Google promises that it will resolve for you by automatically scanning and indexing your photos content.

Then it requires only one or two keywords to find relevant monuments or people in your photos and movies. It may sound like a security risk, but Google assures that your groupings will remain private.

Free and almost without limitations

In order to ensure that your photos are not lost, synchronize the content with Google’s Photo-cloud, where unlimited storage space made available – provided that your photos do not fill more than 16 megapixels or your film maximum stored in Full HD.

The service is free and allows you to see or revisit, your photos on any browser as well as iOS or Android device, including Chromecast or Android TV.

Are your pictures in higher resolution, they can also be included in the Google Photo. Your originals will here be stored in Google drive where 15 GB free of charge. This space can be expanded with 100 GB for about 20 DKK Or 1 TB for 100 DKK

Improve your photos

To get the best out of your images-Photo app also contains rich editing capabilities. Photos have a built-in Assistant-fashion, which offers to piece together collages, create animations or short films from your movies and videos.

Sharing of the created photos and movies of course is built in. You can share on social media, but at the same time also have the option to create a download link which you can share with friends, family and acquaintances.

Do you want to try Google Photos, you can download the iOS here or Android here. Below you can see the Google presentation of their new app-solution.