Exam time is soon upon us and there is help for the overview.

Spring and summer are equal to the energy-intensive examinations, whether you go to high school or University. When it comes to bigger tasks drawn up jointly, it requires a certain amount of coordination between people.

Here used services like Dropbox and Google Drive diligently when folders to be created, the tasks are distributed and documents through work. These storage service however, is used for many other purposes, so your images and videos can quickly fill up and take over the square from the more productive ways.

Fortunately, there are alternatives with keen eye for productivity.
Grouproom can help your team and yourself to a larger overview of the magnitude of the task and preparation.


The Danish developed online service, Grouproom, is come into the world to bring the cooperation to a new level.

By being developed and compatible with computer, tablet and smartphone, you can always be up to date on the latest work on the forthcoming project. After completing the essential information, such as name, email and group name, and the pressure on the affirmative link in a sent mail is started using the online group study rooms.

Grouproom owner himself space in the cloud that you can work on, with the possibility of accessing Dropbox and Google Drive-documents and import them into the online productivity.

Including making group space also diligently use of task-management, where tasks can be distributed and tikkes of when the company is contacted or literature list created. Also assisting the coordination on the way of the internal chat that can be applied to computer and mobile, so everyday topics doesn’t fill in the work talk.

Despite the focus on the preparation of specific tasks, it may also be relevant to your company’s delegation of work.

It should be noted that the Web-based platform is the primary place of work, where the application should be seen as a complement to, and a way in which one can be updated on the go.

Grouproom is to find in Android and iOS-univserset, and whether there will be a Windows Phone Edition is not yet known.