Here: Updated Maps for Androd, iOS, and Windows

The team HERE today announced the availability of new updated maps for owners of an Android, iOS, and Windows. It is not therefore the update for individual apps as changes side maps.

The official new updates, HERE highlights some changes introduced with specific reference to Belarus, to Brazil and Barcelona. In Belarus HERE has improved significantly the coverage particularly in the cities and streets connecting them; part of the credit goes to travel HERE Map Creator who has mapped 22.000 Km and added 11000 THEN.

Cartographical improvements also in Barcelona and surrounding areas with new data on transportation, including those relating to railway lines (Rodalies de Barcelona). The cartography of Brazil was divided into 32 map packs, allowing users to download only the data relating to specific areas, reducing storage space in the memory of the device.

Updating the cartography of app Android, iOS and Windows Phone can be done in just a few steps:

  • With Windows Phone: follow the path settings-> applications-> Maps-> you can look for Updates
  • With Androidand iOS you will receive automatic notification of updates and just follow the instructions on the screen. To view the changes you will have to restart the app.

Update welcome especially after the formalization of the supply of German car manufacturers group HERE, which took place on 2 August. The President of the Division, Sean Fernback, declared that the same will continue to operate independently, which augurs well on an easel at HERE apps that will be brought forward as was the case until now.