How to Format the Mobile by PC?

There are several cases in which someone wants to know about how to format a phone with Android. Such cases usually occur when your device is not accessible or has been stolen. It also involves situations in which you forgot the password or the unlock pattern of your device, or it may be your phone is frozen and not responsive. In such situations, it is very important to know how to format the mobile by PC.Formatting will erase all user data from the internal storage. Thus, it is also very important to do backup of all your internal data from the device before formatting the Android through PC. In addition, the restart must be your last option to revive your Android device.

You must ensure that all steps are followed, so that the formatting of your Android via PC to be successful.

How to Format the Mobile by PC: Start with a Backup

As the formatting involves the removal of all data, settings and accounts registered on the device, it is important to back up all data before you proceed with the formatting process. You can already do this backup automatically, using programs in the cloud, such as Google Photos, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, among others. Another way to do this type of backup is using maintenance programs for smartphones, is also usually used for data recovery. There are several options on the market, usually paid. Test them before you pay for does not exit on a loss and buy a software that you will use frequently.

How to Format the Mobile Phone by the Computer with ADK?

In this process, you will restore the device to factory settings with the ADK. This involves the removal of all data from the device using a PC. You need to make the tools download ADB from your Android to your computer. Please have also a USB cable to connect your device to your computer.

First step: USB debugging

Enable the USB debugging in the settings of Android in Android’s Settings -> developer Options -> USB Debugging. If the developer options can’t be found on the device, go to Settings -> Generates -l> About phone/device -> Common -> software Information (tap on this option is 5 to 8 times).

Second step: install the Tools from the Android SDK and the drivers.

Make sure that the platform tools and USB drivers are selected in the explorer window of the SDK. Make sure that the drivers for Android are installed in your PC, or at least the generic drivers are present

Third step: connecting the mobile in PC

Connect the device with the PC using a USB cable. Make sure that the device is recognized in device Manager of Windows.

Fourth step: command

Open the command prompt in Windows as administrator, by clicking on the start menu and searching for cmd. Click with the right mouse button on command prompt and select Open as administrator. Type the following in command prompt

cd C:\Users\Seu user name\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools

Type adb reboot recovery and the device will restart. The recovery menu should appear after that.

Fifth step: configuring the device

The device may be disconnected now. Now, you can remove the password or just restore the device. Now, you have formatted successfully your device using the PC.

How to Format Your Android Phone by PC Manager Android Devices?

When someone loses the phone or has it stolen, the two issues that typically arise are: how to locate the phone and if that is not possible, such as remotely wipe the phone’s data. People can use the device Manager Android can do these two things. The best thing about this is that it does not need to be installed, since it is embedded in all Android devices. Let’s look at the following steps to learn how to format your Android phone to factory settings from the computer.

To Manager Android devices to work, it must be enabled in the administrator settings of the device. Go to settings -> Security -> device Administrators and check if the device manager is enabled as device administrator or not. The location of the device must be powered on and your device must be connected to your Google account, have an active connection to the internet, you must not be switched off, and even if he does not have a SIM card, the Google account must be active.

First step: accessing the device manager

Go directly to the site Manager devices Android or use Google to start device manager Android. Use the search terms “find my phone” or similar terms to get the manager. You can also go straight to the site of the device manager, which is a lot more practical.

Second step: settings

If you used the search term, then you will see buttons with options such as touch phone or to recover the device. If you think that your device is next, click in to touch the phone. In the same way, when the user clicks retrieve.

Third step: blocking and deleting data

If you want that your data will not be accessed by another person, select “Enable lock and erase”. Continuing with this option, the user must choose if you want a “lock password”, or they want to “Clean up the data completely”. Select “Wipe data completely” to format your device. Once the user selects this option, the interface will take over and complete the work. Congratulations! You used the Manager Android devices with success to reset your smart phone.