HTC Foretells a tough Cost Cuts Q4 Significantly by 2016

HTC announced today financial results for the second quarter, anticipated on 6 July. Data, as already clarified, marked by declining sales and losses in the financial statements. A negatio trend will not change in the near future according to what reported by the CFO of the company, Chialin Chang. Even in the fourth quarter, unfortunately, will be negative, says the Manager, defininendolo.

An overall synthesized by turnover and operating profit charts the last few quarters.

The CFO of HTC has confirmed that the company has implemented a work of redefining the commercial strategy of the smartphone industry that involves the search for new markets and an optimization of the portfolio. One of the first results will be repeatedly mentioned, the smartphone HTC Aero waited for autumn that is called ‘fashionable‘ and ‘trendy‘ by Executive.In parallel, the company will continue to carry on the work of diversification of business activities, as evidenced by the recent investment in the field of virtual reality.

Chang finally confirmed the adoption of further measures to contain costs. Measures which are not specified in detail, but which will determine, from the beginning of 2016, a significant reduction of costs.