If Your Style Is Classic and Discreet, Safe That You Will Enjoy with The New Crested

Beardless, mark two rackets, take advantage of the arrival of October to show us his collection fall-winter 2013 / 2014 in form of a promotional video and its corresponding Lookbook.

Direct to the point, we then discover renewed classic style that the firm with Andalusian origin has prepared for the coming months:

The video of the campaign: Silbón Downtown

As we saw some time, signature Spanish bet firmly by the moving image to promote their pieces. On this occasion, the Knight of beardless travels to the City of Barcelona and runs different looks some of its most emblematic locations as: Passeig de Gràcia, the neighborhood of el Born or the square of waterfalls. Although the video is not bad, it must be said that his previous film Mr. Thompson Holidays liked rather more.

The collection

Apparently in their new Lookbook, it seems that beardless becomes to move away from the preppy style and casual with that flirted last season. Therefore, we can say that its commitment for this autumn-winter focuses on formal sets of Office and other more relaxed style Casual Friday.

Being honest, the proposal is correct but quite boring. Office options are limited, and are reduced to the classic wool suit Navy Blue and a gray American spike. A white shirt is proposed to combine, always in Italian neck and ties in the aforementioned dark blue.

As I have already said, this does not add anything new, but we return to learn a couple of things:

  • The colors Navy Blue and gray will always be essential during the cold season. In addition, among them are they will combine to perfection.
  • With a white shirt We never fail.

As it is usual, as we are losing formality, mayor tends to be the range of possibilities. For the known looks Casual Friday, are now proposed American sport with pictures window and stylish accessories like ties, Cufflinks or straps.

A little more informal, shows our next set featuring a jersey of Collar Tuxedo, a military green trenca and a tie of Tartan.

Our last look to know, consists of a collar buttoned tuxedo, bow tie Prince of Wales and a shirt jersey stripe sport. What you think about the combination? To me, enters a little overwhelmed when looking at a neck so burdened…

Beardless upload the old target shown in their latest campaigns and reveals a fairly simple Lookbook dominated by a clear classic style. Although such discretion their Lookbook makes little innovative, Knight can get a clear note: dress in elegant way do not have to be a complicated exercise.