iPhone-7-Plus-Test: So Apple Samsung Crashes from the Throne

Test verdict: What you should know

It differs from its predecessors iPhone 7 plus by the innovative dual camera, a clever combination of wide angle and telephoto lens. For the first time get an optical zoom in a flat Smartphone. In the test that scores iPhone 7 plus with high working speeds and waterproof case. But there are also weaknesses: about the battery life is significantly worse than in the predecessor. Best price on the Internet: 749.99 EUR * per order this product at Amazon innovative dual camera with telephoto lens good image quality in low light waterproof housing high pace of work Contra of Dicker housing frame battery life only is still average no memory card expensive test note of the editorial 1.94 good users rating now evaluate the test laboratory has delivered: in addition to the normal iPhone 7 were expected this time especially the results to the large iPhone 7 plus with voltage. How good is the dual camera really? Proved the new putative Super processor Apple A10 also in power consumption? And can the Samsung disaster Apple (due to battery problems callback of the XXL smartphones Galaxy note 7) use? The iPhone-7-plus-test provides the answer. While reading you can take still more time something, because currently (September 21, 2016) that iPhone 7 plus in free sale is virtually not available, for online orders you have to wait until mid-October, the new high-gloss version diamond black at all until November. Tip: All impatient look from 6 o’clock every morning, whether single copies (about unclaimed pre-orders) are available in one of its neighboring Apple stores may again. That is the best about this Internet availability query.

iPhone 7 plus: still big

Design, size and weight of the new large iPhones largely correspond to the previous iPhone 6S plus the antenna lines have migrated to the edge and for the first time at the two new black models hardly to recognize. Attention: The glossy model diamond black is susceptible to fingerprints and micro-scratches. The display-diagonal (5.5 inches) remains (the iPhone 7 comes to 4.7 inches). Thanks to the identical mass, existing holders can continue to use. Wrap the iPhone 6 s plus or 6 plus fit but not anymore, because the greatest innovation of the iPhone 7 sits on the back plus: the double camera. Your frame is more than twice as wide as in the normal iPhone-7 camera. Also it protrudes approximately 0.6 millimeter further than the iPhone 6S plus, the iPhone makes thicker so effectively. Compared to the iPhone 7 (137 grams), the iPhone 7 plus (188 grams) is a heavy one.

Is the double camera really better?


The iPhone 7 plus is the first iPhone with two cameras on the back. Both offer a 12-megapixel resolution, the optics consists of six lens, auto focus and image sensor to work faster. The highlight: A lens is a wide angle lens (28 mm focal length), the other is similar to the focal length to a telephoto lens with double focal length (58 mm). Through a tip in the camera app, you can jump from the normal on a double zoom or go through a swipe of the finger smoothly on up to ten times magnification. The result is impressive. When zooming, this makes iPhone 7 plus clearer, more detailed images than standard smartphones. the wide angle camera with powerful aperture of f/1.8, the telephoto lens with less powerful f/2.8 aperture. The normal camera convinces especially in low light. Here, the quality of the photo is the previous iPhone 6 S plus think about and puts less annoying noise on the day as some photos of the Galaxy S7 edge. This is evident also in the test notes: photos of the iPhone 7 plus reach under low light the touch 3.0 (with Flash). The iPhone 6S plus came to note 3.3 (with Flash note 4.1), Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge scars in low light with note 4.4 (with Flash: 3.7) just a poor pass. Note: when viewing the Samsung photos affect the Smartphone often better, because they are lighter with more noise in the cut and the Samsung smart phones offer better contrast.

Only for beta users: the depth of field effect

Who compares cell phone photos to shots of real SLR or system cameras, missing mostly playing with the depth of field, so the dynamic between feathered background and sharp detail in the foreground on the mobile phone. With a software update Apple wants to deliver exactly this depth of field effect (bokeh effect) until the end of the year. In the new portrait category in the camera app, there is then the possibility to choose the range at your fingertips is intended to be sharp in the foreground. In the practice test that worked quite well (see picture above). But want to sharpen a distant background and blurred, the effect can not convince the foreground. So Apple didn’t think apparently also the function in the camera app called depth effect. The minimum distance is around 40 centimetres, the maximum distance recommended by Apple at 2.4 meters. These limits are not met, a warning on the display appears, a photo can be created yet.

Apple iPhone 7 plus: perfect for video shoots


The video quality of the iPhone 7 plus is excellent, belongs with the twist 1.77 to the best smartphone ever. The Galaxy S7 edge is also good with a video note of 2.37. Only the meanwhile recalled Galaxy note 7 is even better with touch 1.57. Not new, but still good: You can both slow-motion movies at 240 frames per second in HD resolution (720 p) as also 4K-Videps film (for 4 K also an investment in the large memory version with 256 bytes of gig worth).

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus: all information, all pictures

77 photos to the photo gallery

Waterproof only without warranty


Both iPhone models are a new feature in accordance with IP67 standard officially dust – and waterproof. In the test, the iPhone had to prove 7 plus its water resistance with a long bath in the sink. The Smartphone without problems came through this test. According to IP67 standard iPhone 7 and 7 plus under water in more than 1 meter (!) should be Survival depth but with restrictions! Apple to do this: protection against splashing water and dust is not permanent, can be… less time. Also want to protect oneself apparently from litigation and explained in footnote 4 on the iPhone online data sheet: the warranty covers no damage by liquids. Fürs extensive bathing pleasure these iPhones are thus unlikely to recommend, but in normal everyday operation, you need to worry about about any rain or water damage. After a bath, but must wait five hours to recharge the iPhone. Via wireless store (induction) you should download also a wet iPhone, but the function is still missing iPhones. She would be but also difficult to realize in the metal housing.


Information, technical data, prices: Everything to the iPhone 7

iPhone 7 plus: No headphone jack!


Like the iPhone 7, the classic headphone jack is missing the plus model. Apple’s reasoning: you need the space within the box for something else. Instead, you can connect headphones via lightning cable or wireless (Bluetooth). The missing classic Jack evaluates remains negative in the test score, but abides by the influence on the endnote within limits. Finally, not only new headphones are included in each iPhone Pack with lightning plug, but also a suitable adapter with each vintage plug again on the new iPhone fits. In addition Apple has developed first own Bluetooth – headphones, the Airpod. Base is a separate wireless chip called W1. By the way: After Lenovo with the Moto Z, Apple is the second manufacturer, which dispenses with the Jack.

Apple Keynote: All info to iPhone 7 & co.

100 impressions new hardware from Cupertino

iPhone 7 plus: stronger display

The iPhone screens were always really good, but compared to Samsung’s they were top models in recent years increasingly sidelined: Samsung’s AMOLED displays like other Android flagships offered much stronger contrasts, colours were stronger than in the iPhone. Also at maximum brightness, previously a weakness of Samsung LCD, Apple fell note 4 since the publication of the Galaxy, the Galaxy S7 edge reached grade 7 last 759,8 candela, the Galaxy even 827 candela per square meter. Even mid-range Android devices such as the Lenovo Moto G4 are similarly bright. Apple iPhone 7 plus finally has put up with the? Tim Cook promised an increase 25 percent brighter display. This increase was not entirely achieved in the laboratory: but at least is that iPhone 7 plus 11 percent good with 691,7 candela lighter than the previous 6S PLus (619,4 CD) and thus has the hitherto brightest iPhone display. In practice hardly noticeable the brightness difference: because the iPhone 7 plus colors slightly warmer reflects what is subjectively darker. The contrast of 901:1, which is even below the 6 S plus (988-1) is underpowered. For comparison: Samsung S7 edge achieved strong 3578:1.

Disappointment at the battery


Apple promised a longer battery life, but on the COMPUTER screen test course showed up despite increased battery capacity (2900 mAh instead of 2750 mAh at the 6 S plus) and the new iOS 10 the opposite: with a battery life of 11 hours and 58 minutes in typical smartphone use have iPhone 7 plus one hour and 39 minutes earlier on the power supply as the previous iPhone 6 S plus (13:37 h : min). When browsing via mobile phone, that swallows iPhone 30 percent more power. Via Wi-Fi still 11.5 per cent. Only during a telephone conversation, the power consumption is low. Also irritating: Apple treats its iPhones still no fast charge mode. There are the Android in the Middle! Anyway: Samsung’s top models have even earlier to the charger, the Galaxy S7 edge about lasts just over ten hours.


iPhone 7 plus: strong processor


Under the hood you will find the same new processor as in iPhone 7, the Apple A10 merger. The quad-core chip to 40 percent faster than the A9 in the iPhone 6S / 6S plus and be even twice as fast as the A8 in the Apple iPhone 6/6 plus. Actually, the iPhone set 7/7 plus in many measurements so high tempo records beyond the existing limits of notes that a tougher assessment had to be introduced (resulting some note changes in other smartphones). Browser benchmarks this iPhone 7 is sometimes almost twice as fast as the Android competition. It reaches in the octane-2.0 benchmark 25.799 points. The Galaxy managed only 13.381 points, the S7 edge similar to much note 7. Also in the rendering benchmark Futuremark the iPhone 7 is about a quarter of faster (98.3 points against 71,58 at the grade 7). And at the popular benchmark app Geekbench 4 reached the iPhone 7 plus 3.218/4.993 points (a processor-core/multiple cores), the grade 7 1.840/5.312 is points, so at least when tested for individual application processes clearly ahead of the Galaxy competition.

iPhone 7 plus: availability, price, colors


The iPhone 7 plus there are optional in glossy black (diamond black), Matt Black, white/silver, gold and Rosé gold. The variants: The iPhone 7 plus comes with 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB memory. With 32 GB, it costs 899 euros, with 128 GB 1,009 euros, 256 GB 1,119 euros. The glossy black device is there only with 128 GB and 256 GB. Here are the links to order the large providers with contract:


7 iPhone & iPhone 7 plus: order now at Telekom!

7 iPhone & iPhone 7 plus: order now at Vodafone!

7 iPhone & iPhone 7 plus: order now at O2!

Conclusion: Apple iPhone 7 plus


This iPhone 7 plus can be seen technically strong improves, pulls of the Samsung competition at the pace of work and the image quality under poor lighting conditions. The missing headset jack is no progress, but does less painful than expected. Disappointing: The battery life is worse than in the predecessor but still clearly better than at competitors Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and note 7 for the second time with a new iPhone-plus model. Only for display, charging possibilities (high-speed and wireless charge), as well as storage expansion Samsung has the edge currently. The new dual camera is crucial to the jump to the top of the leaderboard: the combination of wide angle and telephoto lens is more persuasive than the previous concepts of the dual camera in Huawei P9 or LG G5. As long as Samsung note 7 not renewed without battery problems brings back his high-flyer Galaxy in trading, Apple should be not so fast to take first place.

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