Isabel Marant for H & M: The (Disappointing) Collection Full

I’m sorry but it is what it is. Behold the latest collections from H & M could stylistically pass and pass while the quality and prices were offended us will look as you look. But is this time not even the designs seem to me deserving for Isabel Marant. Unoriginal, with a little overwhelming personality and classic cuts. We knew that not we faced a Donatella with its array of colors and gold but expectations have been left us short.

Ethnic prints on canvas color cream in the form of patchwork and works in Valances and drapes. A mix between a very casual boho (that is what always has characterized the Designer) and a ethnic-folk style that staff gives to all garments a touch something but that do not term seen as a safe bet and less even as something original: more of the same at outrageous prices. Honestly, it looks more collection capsule of autumn that a partnership with a person of the stature of Isabel Marant.

Of course they are betting much less risky and more easily into our closet. Pants with geometric ornaments of bicromaticos funds, cross point of coarse-grained with frayed finish, a very ethnic collection of accessories and footwear that does not depart the creative line that has tried to follow in the entire collection. More of the same with a style that we are already a bit saturated. We expected something else, the truth.