Medion P9514 P8514: 8-Inch Aldi Tablet in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Medion P9514 P8514 worked in the test really smart and convinced the image quality. The slightly scarce memory, the veraltetete wireless-n standard and moderate cameras are, however, room for improvement. But for 149 euros, customers can expect a top tablet. Therefore, performance of the Medion P9514 P8514 for the favourable sale price fits. A high pace of work sharp display GPS on board against low brightness moderate cameras obsolete Wi-Fi n standard test grade of the editorial 3.09 satisfying goods one month before Christmas offers the discounter Aldi the Medion P9514 P8514 for 149 Euro’s. The key data are promising for a tablet of this price class: middle-class processor from Intel, 2 GB memory, full HD display and operating system Android 6.0 alias Marshmallow. Can the tablet in the test convince?

Medion P9514 P8514: detail photos and screenshots

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So the Tablet’s big

The Medion P9514 P8514 is a model in the convenient 8-inch format with the dimensions of 215 x 128 mm and a thickness of 8.9 mm. The weight is a bit high for an 8-inch tablet with 395 grams’s can be used but still comfortable on the road. For image playback on a big TV, the P8514 has a micro HDMI port for recharging the battery and exchanging data with pcs and notebooks, it has a micro-USB connector of version 2.0, there is a headphone jack also.

Sharp display with something little brightness

Whopping 2,304,000 pixels (full HD, 1920 x 1200 pixel) jostle on its screen with a screen diagonal of 20.32 centimetres. Therefore, the pixel density is very high, the Medion shows photos and videos quite sharp and with many details. Too bad: The maximum brightness is slightly low. Little on the display is so outdoors with plenty of sunshine. Good for: Thanks to IPS technology, the viewing angle stability is quite high even with side viewing user content can see well.

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High tempo, acceptable battery life

As engine is used in the Medion the mid-range processor Atom x 5 Z8350, whose four kerne with maximum 1.92 ghz if necessary work. 2 gigabyte memory of type DDR3 side are the processor. This is not very much, for this price class but OK and more than enough: In the test, the P9514 P8514 delivered a high pace of work, launched smart apps, switching between open programs was carried out quickly and smoothly. Good: The pace not collapsed also then, if some apps and several websites were parallel open. Not outstanding, but okay, however, was the battery life of 9 hours and 8 minutes.

GPS, but scarce memory

Schade: right almost fails the (free) memory for apps, photos, music and videos with approximately 23 gigabytes. Why? Especially games like GTA: Liberty City stories show the total now almost 2 gigabytes. A few titles of this caliber, still two, three movies and Flash, the memory is filled to the brim. I’m glad that the MEDION has a card reader for memory expansion via microsd cards. Also great: The MEDION has a GPS sensor. So it can be used as a mobile navigation device.

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Obsolete Wi-Fi, moderate cameras

Room for improvement, however, is the wireless Internet: goes the P9514 by wireless-n in the network, the device does not support the newer and much faster Wi-Fi ac standard still. Good: Like almost all tablets has also the Medion for exchanging data with Smartwatches and fitness wristbands Bluetooth (version 4.0). The cameras are, however, do not tip: the lens attached to the back for photo – and video recordings produces images with 5 megapixels. On the quality of the recordings, customers may make no high demands, but okay. You may make no great claims also to the front camera (2 megapixel): enough that quality must just as the lighting conditions, but vote for video calls. Otherwise the lens captures user Kris-blessed with a considerable noise.