Mobile Bloom – 3 Chips!

The need to have mobile devices that support 2-chip is something that’s been debated by many, but without a single response. For the same reason, use 3 chips can make the difference in the value of the mobile phone bill at the end of the month. taking advantage of promotions from the different carriers for connections, use of the internet, sending messages, and more. With 3 sim cards in the device, you must also be very careful not to choose the chip wrong on each connection that is made to not end up with the credits of the unit or end up with an account very expensive.

Mobile Bloom with 3 chips

After several devices that support 2-chip simultaneous being launched and are doing great success in the market, now it is the turn of mobile phones with 3 chips come with full force in the market. The Bloom Trichip is one more model of cell phone 3 chips brand “generic” and very affordable price. In the main the internet shops, it is sold for less than 150 reais. In addition to the main call, the mobile Bloom Trichip also has a TV, front and rear camera, and the ability to play MP3 and video files.

The celular 3 chips Bloom accepts memory card up to 4GB, has Bluetooth, FM radio and internet browsing via WAP. The mobile Bloom 3 chips is sold in the colors black, white, red and gold. Is a device very simple that has as main feature the support 3 chips simultaneously.

It’s worth the Bloom Trichip?

If you think you will buy this device, remember that it is a device chinese, almost a xing ling. It is not an instrument for permanent use, and it is better to use devices like this only as a spare, or for use in emergency. For example, if you were robbed and the money is missing, maybe a ling xing can be a substitute to the purchase of a smartphone cheap and sturdy. It is worth remembering also that in some cases, the mobile phone comes direct from China and, in addition to shipping, you may have to pay import tax.

Have you ever had a mobile phone Bloom with 3 chips? What did you think of the device? Would recommend to other people?