Mobile Warming Too? What Can It Be?

My smartphone gets hot. Not so hot it burns the hand, but it can annoying. There is something wrong with that? Maybe.

Mobile Warming Too: Understanding What Happens

A little heat from an electronic device is normal. It is a side effect of the inevitable loading, unloading, processing, and lighting device. An example of this is if you put your hand behind a tv, or near the fan of a computer, you will feel a little heat. Is it normal for the electronics, and the engineers think of that when designing these devices.

Now, just because the heat of the device is normal does not mean that it is good. For the user of a smartphone, the excessive heat coming from a device can be annoying or even alarming; for a particular device , the heating may even be the synonym of the death of the unit.

The heat is a killer of all batteries. The more a device heats up, the more quickly the battery is consumed, and less charge it will have at the end of a given period of time. The heat may even not be the fault of the device: it can be the fault of the user who leaves the device on exposure to the solar rays, leaves the device in your pocket while you are close to heat sources (stoves, for example). In some cases, the battery can even explode, causing injuries and even fires.

Not counting the battery, the own components of the device can “fry”, which means that the connectors, chips, and other parts may stop working due to heat.

The Cell Phone Heating Up Too Much and Unloading Fast: the Symptoms and Solutions for Heating

To diagnose the exact cause of the heating of a device, it will be necessary to understand the symptoms of overheating. Three causes, however, accompany almost all cases of overheating of smartphones: the problems of signal reception, the workload intense, and battery issues.

  • Signal reception: there is not much that can be done here. When the cell phone has a signal bad, he will continue trying to improve the signal. With this, the system will continue asking for more and more and effort, and will end up overloading and overheating. Worth checking if there is an update for your Android, however, to improve this a little bit.
  • Workload intense: when you use multiple applications and games on mobile, you can be sure that this will impact on the heating of the device. The best way to deal with this is by using your mobile phone always with the greater part of it exposed, so that it can be ventilated and exchange heat with the environment. And of course, let it always rest a little after a while of gameplay.
  • Battery: it is usually the most common cause. The heating occurs, and the battery loads or unloads quickly. This is a clear sign that your phone’s battery is addicted to or experiencing a defect. If you purchased the battery recently, it may be that there is a battery fake. Do a test on the battery and see the life of it. The more time you take, the more chances there are that the battery may explode or cause some irreparable damage to your device.

Less common causes include using the device in the sun and near heat sources, but they are exceptions to the rule.

The Cell Phone Heating Up and Catching: Do not Try to Keep Turning the Power On

When your smartphone is crashing and restarting, it means that he is using a safety feature so as not to overheat and damage components. If you keep on trying to connect to the device and keep it plugged in, you risk letting the heat damage the components of the device and thus, resulting in a costly repair or even the need to exchange the unit. Find out what is causing the problem (battery, mobile, outdated, excess use, etc.) before you reboot and keep the phone on. If you are unable to resolve yourself, take the device to a technical assistance.

Had problems with heating of electronic devices? What problems? How did he solve it?