Movistar Also Manages to Return to Growth in Mobile Lines, Largely Thanks to Fusion

If yesterday was Vodafone which announced that for the first time after three years it had managed to grow in number of mobile lines Movistar is not going to be less. From the ex-monopolio today presented a few numbers in which we see as its commitment to convergence and the fiber is having his reward, in the form of more customers of mobile, fixed broadband and TV.

In the last quarter Movistar It has grown in all aspects, with 208,000 customers more fiber, 370,000 pay-TV and 95,000 mobile contract. With these data the operator achieves that its mobile customer base just it has decreased in the past year while Fusion reaches 3.6 million customers and 1.4 million additional lines.

It seems that she is are healing to all the large operators all its ills. And it is that bet that did Movistar in October 2012, launching their first convergent offering, has been a relief for all of these, which saw as many customers were looking for cheaper bills passing virtual operators.

Growth in all sides

On the one hand and although we continue seeing as every month Movistar loses thousands of mobile lines according to the accounts of the operator the trend has improved a lot. The Spanish operator He is currently with 17.7 million mobile lines, 1% less than a year ago, but in the last quarter its contract customer base has grown over 95,000 lines, more than 30,000 lines per month.

Fixed Broadband Movistar grows slightly in inter-annual terms, a 1%, to 5.9 million contracted access. Growth is based on the fiber, where the operator has got 208,000 new lines in the past three months, reaching a total 1.1 million lines. To continue to grow in this segment Movistar continues with its fiber deployment rate, having already reached 8.8 million households and hoping to reach 10 million by end of year.

In terms of pay television, we have a logical growth. In the last quarter Movistar added 370,000 customers, reaching a total of 1.6 million television users. This figure is 2.6 times superior to the of a year ago but is clearly motivated by the inclusion of pay TV free of charge all types of Fusion.

Thanks to Fusion and fiber

As we have already mentioned all these numbers do not come from nowhere. There are two clear reasons for Movistar has returned to growth in all segments, the convergent offer and strong deployment of fiber. Fusion data are quite clear: 3.6 million merger of all modalities as well as 1.4 million additional mobile lines. What also stands out is the high penetration of this product, Since 70% of fixed broadband customers and 55% of the mobile contract you have contracted some form of Fusion.

The pace of deployment of fiber might be influenced by the decisions of the CNMC

The additional support for this growth include fiber and very well deserved Movistar has. They were among the first to bet now to renew the old copper pair Networks, insufficient for many users, and they are making a real fortune on greater deployment that we are seeing in the country. Now, its future is a little in the air, already that if the CNMC forces him to open it to rivals with few conditions Movistar might decide to stop or slow down its deployment.

In any case Movistar revenues have continued to decline in this last quarter, a 6.6% less than a year ago, although they follow the usual trend of ir recovering from previous quarters of this year. We will have to see in the data of the following semester if those revenues, and the pace of attracting customers, continue to improve, helped by the last reform of contract rates.