Movistar Updated Their Mobile Tariffs: More Megs But a Change of Price Rises

In recent times when we have seen that an operator improved their rates, usually increasing megs, it has done without touching the monthly fees to be paid by their customers. But Movistar is different, since from February your customers will have more megs in mobile tariffs, but to change the monthly fees will rise.

The quota rises will arrive three euros in the case of the 22 lives, who will now become the 25 lives, while the rise of data will go from 200 Megs that you will receive the new live 12 or giga’s new live 45. All accompanied from the up to 20 cents of the call set-up, that affect the lowest rate of full.

Movistar does not usually follow the movements of his rivals to tiptoe feet and now going to carry out returns to prove it. From February operator full renewed its offer of mobile rates with good news, Meg rise on all fares, but two bad, the rise also monthly quotas and the establishment of call. The changes are summarized in the following table:

Without doubt the biggest beneficiaries, inside of which implies a rise in fees, are lives 45 users, who receive an extra giga in their new rate in Exchange for two euros. For the more readers the lives 33, three euros more, besides half giga also wins 12 months of free Núbico.

20 cents of establishment? Are we crazy?

What seems an absolute madness by Movistar is the movement that has made the call set-up. Already saw as discontinued fares will rise to 20 cents the establishment, in what seemed a movement aimed to push those rates to the current users.

But it is that this movement moves also the 12 lives and lives 25 in the case of exceeding the included minutes. This concept to rise from 18 to 20 cents Movistar penalizes users from its lowest rate and at the same time it distances itself from the majority of operators, which in its fares with pay-per-minute charge of 18 cents for the establishment.

What seems clear is that those who benefit most from the rise of this concept will be the other operators, Since it is likely that these may attract users who flee from Movistar by this change. As whenever an operator unilaterally changed the terms of their contracts their customers flee without penalties, but no company disappear penalties linked to subsidized devices.

Now, a rise of the call set-up It could raise the suspicions of more than one. When it produced the ascent of the establishment of call 12 to 15 cents (excl. VAT)? When, after the obligation of Bill calls for seconds both Movistar and Vodafone and Orange, and then Telstra, rose almost in unison that concept. Let us hope that this does not become a repeat.

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