Movistar Will Worsen from February Several of Its Discontinued Mobile Rates

On more than one occasion we have seen how an operator has been worsening the conditions of old, already not contract rates, but some users kept for various reasons, with the aim of push that group of users to new rates. A practice that again is currently underway Movistar.

In this way the operator is communicating through short messages users of old rates change of the conditions of these as of February 18. Increases the minimum consumption or quotas, the establishment of call or the price per minute will be that many users end up opting for change of rate, or directly, change of operator.

The main affected by the modification of old rates is the Basic contract staff, contract that it acted many rates base, which causes that these will also be affected. In this case the changes go through raise the minimum consumption from the 7.26 euros a month previous to the 12 euros. Moreover the establishment of call becomes 0.18 to 0.20 euros, a nothing regular price on large operators.

But the changes also come at rates that were not officially marketed, but they could get in the retentions Department. It is the case for example browse reduced, featuring a giga by 10.89 euros and calls 1.21 cents per minute more 0.18 euros of settlement, which raises its quota to 12 euros as of February 18, the price per minute to two cents and the establishment to 0.20 euros and the speaking.

Farewell permanence and penalties?

When an operator unilaterally changed the terms of the contract the user signed always arises doubt goodbye permanence and penalties? Operators can change at any time the terms of the contracts, always correctly warning a month prior to the changes occur and clarifying that these changes give right to the disclaimer in the contract by the user.

So far there is no problem, if a user had acquired a permanence by hiring a fee this will void and the user could change fee or operators without any locking. But If you purchased a phone or any other device in special conditions (subsidized) that permanence is not annulled, so the user still obliged to stay at the operator, or to pay the penalty if you want to quit.