New Product to Philips Hue: Controls the Light by Movement

Philips Hue is known for smart solutions for control of lighting, and now adds another product to its series, Philips intelligent Hue Motion Sensor.

Within the smart control of lighting in the home is Philips Hue series among the most popular and widely used solutions, and they have been successful in creating easy and intuitive products that can be managed across platforms and operating systems.

Until now, the management of the light primary worked via an app, a smart-contact or even the voice, but the range of choices do not stop here. Today Philips namely presented their newest member of the family, Hue Hue-Motion Sensor.

As the name suggests, this is a sensor that can control light through movement. This feature is generally something we most are accustomed to in outdoor lighting, but now has so taken the technology within Philips.

“The only thing it takes to turn on the light, is that one is present in the room. You do not need remote control, contact or phone. As soon as you enter the room sensor will, in less than one second, capturing movements and make sure to turn on the light “, tells product manager at Philips Lighting, Andreas Bahnsen in a press release.