Nokia Explains His Strategy for The Next Years II: “Will Continue to Develop Both Symbian and Meego”

In the previous post about the future of Nokia, the responsible of the company in Spain explained us some interesting details about how and when to implement Windows Phone 7 terminals.

It is now time to tell you firsthand What will happen with Symbian and Meego. Nokia has not abandoned any of the two platforms, and although the days of Symbian are numbered, even We will continue watching it grow for at least three years more. Meego, for his part, becomes a future commitment that could serve to Nokia to be cutting-edge and innovative company that was in the 90s. This is what awaits us on both platforms.

Symbian will continue updating and improving until his death

The first idea is that the end of Symbian is the Chronicle of a death foretold. The operating system’s hard developing the Finnish three, as much four years of life left.

This, however, does not mean that Symbian will be abandoned to their fate or much less. Nokia will keep the Symbian 3 evolution with an annual update that will each Summer and that it may be accompanied by another update in Christmas.

The changes that come with these updates are not exactly minor. The first of these patches are already enjoying it in the United States, where Nokia C7 Astound It incorporates the new fonts and rounded icons that we see here in summer.

Renewal is not only aesthetic. The new version of Symbian 3 will the respondent vertical qwerty keyboard, a web browser very improved and with the first glimpses of compatibility with HTML5, improvements in the calendar with links to maps, and support for NFC terminals that incorporate this function in your hardware.

Another important detail is that Nokia will not allow the fragmentation of versions that so much damage did to the N97. Said another way, if you have an N8, a C6, or any other mobile phone with Symbian 3, you can install each and every one of the updates that are published in the next few years until the funeral planned for the operating system.

S40 stays for middle and low range mobile

This was also to be expected, but it is comforting to Nokia to confirm it. The S40 software platform is platform as so far. Not in vain they use it more than 700 million Terminal, especially in emerging countries where a smartphone is unfeasible for price and deficit in the 3G connections.

S40 will benefit, in addition, developments for Meego and Symbian 3 carried out on the Qt platform. This implies that we will continue seeing mobile Nokia mid range, but with great performance for its price, a detail that many fans of this type of terminals safe will appreciate.

Finally, the OVI platform does not go away. It is true that its contents in the smartphone segment will become part of the Market of Windows Phone 7, but OVI will continue to exist independently for give service to Symbian 3 and S40.

Meego, a platform to play with a great future

We close the review of the strategy of Nokia meego. Despite the rumors, license sales, changes in the development team and the most ominous omens, Meego does not go away. The software platform created by Nokia and Intel on the ashes of Maemo and Linux-based becomes in the forefront of r & d company.

Nokia has named its new strategy for Meego: Future Disruptions. Finland wants to make the operating system a huge laboratory where testing the most crazy, strange and innovative ideas that can happen. Nokia leaders say it very clear: ‘ want that Meego is a platform for developers to play & #8217;.

Obviously, since Nokia assume that devices that leave meego will be experimental and, probably, minority, but don’t care. They want that Meego is a Think Tank that, with luck, you can get an idea that breaks the moulds of the market and lay the foundations of new devices. The first one, if all goes well, will come to later this year.

It must be clarified that, although the smartphone segment is in the hands of Windows Phone 7, Meego could also have something similar to a smartphone. Nokia does not close to think only phones with Meego. The operating system It will be open to all kinds of mobile devices, from netbooks to notebooks, tablets and connected TVs. The key to the Finns is back to retrieve the innovative spirit that they were in the 90s and that led them to become the multinational that is now, even though not passing through your best time.

How you see the cat in Schroedinger-Nokia that we talked about at the beginning of this special, and that many were dead, is very much alive. Nokia has been able to redirect the toxic gas from its box to release in small non-fatal dose, and subatomic particle called Meego could be the beginning of a chain reaction that forever change the landscape of the mobile phone. We hope so. Meanwhile, the only thing we can do is to let Nokia is lama his wounds and recover. As always, I promptly mantendremos aware of the patient’s condition.