Oneplus X in Test: A Heart Made of Glass for Chosen One

Test conclusion: what you should know

The oneplus X proved at the time of the test early November 2015 real price-performance blockbuster now stocks are sold out. The hard facts of the test however remain in place: the power of the high-quality Smartphone with elegant glass surface is more than enough for everyday tasks. Only powerful playing, it comes pretty quickly out of breath. The two cameras and the extensible storage space nor desires leave like the colorful AMOLED screen. Pro strong value for money camera order this product on Amazon quickly raises, delivering day fast operation dual-SIM or microsd card possible good images contra no replaceable and little enduring battery work pace comparatively slow test note of the editorial 2.68 satisfying user rating (out of 1 reviews)

Android 6 for the oneplus X

Factory came the oneplus X with Android 5 lollipop; an update on the successor Marshmallow has long been uncertain. End of September 2016 the manufacturer released surprisingly Android 6.0.1 for the oneplus X and distributes the update via OTA (over the air), so as an automatic update. In fact is the update to OS 3.1.2 oxygen slightly modified Android 6 oneplus integrates a gallery and music app and allows the side alarm slider more extensive than previously to program. According to Forum post the latest security updates are included and the Launcher offers fresh icons.

Oneplus X in the test

End of 2014 manufacturer of oneplus oneplus one made a name for himself. The Chinese put on strong technique that comparatively low cost. The competition are high-tech devices such as the oneplus two rather among the high price segment. The pricing is so fiercely competitive smartphone world. The sales strategy but sparked the actual network hype: oneplus smartphones can relate only through an invitation of the manufacturer. That a high price you get on waiting lists or participation in social-media competitions for affordable exclusivity.

Video on the subject

The noble oneplus X relies on strong technology at a low price. End of November it comes to Germany, Our site it had in hands. Oneplus tried X: price blast glass

Chic design, but Apple says Hello

Who opens the simple packaging of the oneplus X, could be also a too large part iphone 5 on gays suspect. China-blockbuster sees Apple’s counterpart to the confusingly similar to, but much larger. The black surface of the glass and the fine metal frame make a similarly high-quality impression as Apple’s premium phone come now in the year. Ensure this as long as possible even in the harsh everyday, the used Gorila to fine glass 3 scratches to announce the fight. Alternatively, there’s the oneplus X recently in white with gold-champagne colored frame.
A duel that can hardly win the oneplus X: after a short usage notice particularly sensitive smartphone users on the closer look first traces of use on the flat back of the fingerprints not to mention. Thanks to moderate size (140 x 69 x 6. 9 mm) and weighing 138 grams, the new oneplus X lies comfortably in the hand. Also the AMOLED display is ensured thanks to high color fidelity and the impressive 2111:1 contrast ratio. With 5 inch in traditional full-HD resolution, the one plus X combines the size perfect for the Otto-normal user. In the duel with the Sun it beats with a screen brightness of 431.7 candela / m reputable sq. The display of similar iphone 6s is considerably brighter (578 candela / m ²).

Oneplus 2 in the Test: Amazing much Performance for very little Money

Price reflected weaknesses in the

Works inside the powerful Snapdragon 801 by Qualcomm. The quad-core processor clocked at 2.3 gigahertz (ghz) was fitted 2014 in numerous champions and large random access memory (RAM) in conjunction with the 3 gigabyte (GB) is still one of the ambitious middle class. In the benchmark tests by Our site ends up the oneplus X in the midfield: Geekbench 3 accounted for single-core 917 points and 2,378 in the multi core ranking. Thus it is even behind the older oneplus one!
Bare numbers that stand out when navigating through the in-house oxygen of OS (based currently on Android 5.1.1.) Only conditionally negative. Browse the menus, without waiting, the working speed is however relatively slow. Qualcomm Adreno-330 graphics unit helps the juggling of pixels. Optical pre show titles such as asphalt bring the installed technology 8 airborne but surprisingly strong in the stuttering. Unclear is whether only the processor and the graphics unit for responsible are.

Sharp photos and choose

The 13 megapixel main camera with Aperture f/2.2 throws with 0.1 seconds quickly and shoots good photos in the light. That is also the Our site part note of 3.08. Only a few Smartphones do better here, even Samsung’s Galaxy S6 (3.49) depends the oneplus X. At night and under diffuse light conditions blurred and patchy image noise but noticeably increasing. Instead of now in vogue this dual-LED Flash, a LED alone performs the work. The manufacturer has thought on a 8-megapixel front camera for sharp Selfies. The ego snapshots fail somewhat pale and suffer from slight hiss are minimal over schaerft. You have maximum videos in full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) in the box. Slow motion videos resolve with 720 p, are looking at but little harmonic and Miss in the technical implementation of a value added. The results refer to the scanty 16 GB of storage space. That is not sufficient, expand these via microsd card up to 128 GB. Who is better with a second SIM card on the road puts nanosim another in the hybrid slot. Therefore must be between more memory or a second SIM cards decide.

Oneplus X: look at the price cracker from China

Less power for more battery

Put the Chinese in the oneplus two still on the new USB-type C connector, be used in the smaller issue the proven microusb technology. The famous mute button is on the left side of the metal frame. Due to the special structure, he stands out from the power and volume buttons on the other side as an advantage for use in your pocket. The non replaceable battery offers a capacity of 2.525 milliampere hours (mah). Sounds too small compared with current standards and provides also a shorter term than the iphone 6. So, the one plus X asked with heavy use after 8 hours and 45 minutes for energy supplies. It lasted 27 hours and 45 minutes with occasional operation. Which allows the rapid charging recharge within a very short time, for it lacks the option of wireless charging.

Rates and availability of the oneplus X

The test revealed features that transform the oneplus X at a retail price of 269 euros in a real price-performance blockbuster unless you get the Smartphone at all. Initially the oneplus X only with an invitation was to get, only months later relaxed the terms of the manufacturer and offered it in the online store to purchase. Booth September 2016 is however more available none of the three variants (Onyx, champagne, ceramic).

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